Exploited for Profit!

Back in the ’90s I was very serious about marketing my art. I sold the rights to several of my paintings to large companies who publish prints and posters. They were supposed to pay royalties, but that didn’t happen. The companies apparently went out of business and my prints were sold to other companies.  These two pictures below have been mass-produced and sold online—and I had nothing to do with it:



Sunflowers poster by Debra Argosy sold on Amazon and other dealers on Internet

Country Made by Debra Argosy sold on Internet

I hate the word “exploited,” it sounds so whiny—but that’s often what happens to artists. I mean it’s cool to see my prints being sold online, but hey! I’m here, a real person, and a poor one!

I have plenty of prints available, so if you order from me instead of these websites, you’ll get one personally autographed by the artist!

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