An Annoying Outlet

a person writing a comment about an online news story

Reading the comment sections of online news articles is like that kids’ game “telephone,” where people whisper something they just heard to to the next person, proving at the end how distorted the facts become along the way.

You never need to scroll down very far before you’re reading comments from people who clearly have not read the article—just the headline and the comments. And only some comments—the ones they want to see. Now, armed with misinterpretations, misstatements, and anger, they unleash the gods of war on their keyboards. Before long Scriptures are quoted, left and right wingers are flinging insults at each other, and people are as obnoxious as is legally allowable when hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

I think the comments following politically-charged news articles are as important as the article itself. The comments are the heartbeat of what regular folks really think, as they lay bare the measure of their anger or the scope of their sympathy. What a bloody waste of time sifting through the morass of stupidity though—but that, too, is revealing.

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