The Story Of M


the elegance of a chain M at local ranch

I’ve been fascinated by the letter M for as long as I can remember. If it’s possible to have a favorite letter of the alphabet, mine would be the 13th.

It is thought that the origins of our modern M start off about 3,000 BC as the Egyptian hieroglyphic for water.

About 2,000 years later the Phoenicians shortened it to Mem, their word for water. Later it was transformed by the Greeks to Μμ and finally made its way to the Latin alphabet in the form that we recognize as our modern M.

hieroglyphic for water

Mem, Phoenician word for water

Mmmm, what a beautiful, nurturing, primitive,  life-affirming sound. Feel how it resonates and vibrates all the way down to your belly. It is the sound of agreement and concord;  of pleasure and love.

No wonder “Om” is the most sacred and popular mantra. This word has great meaning and power to those who believe in its magic. Adherents make lofty claims as to its healing power. And it just feels good to say—try it.

My addiction to the sound of M is filled in other ways. We are forever adding diminutive prefixes and suffixes to our pets’ names that involve the letter M. Our dog Jasmine’s name has evolved into “MinMin.” I don’t know how this happened but what a delicious sound to utter.

M & Ms....yummm

Here are a sampling of M words that pack a punch in our culture:

amazing, amen, imma (slang for “I’m going to), mail, Madonna, main squeeze, main man,           mainframe, majesty, makeover, male/female, man/woman,     Mr./Mrs./Ms., management,  marijuana, Marilyn Monroe, marriage, McDonald’s and its spinoffs McJob, McMansion, etc., Me Me Me, medical, menu, meow, Michael, Michelle, micro, micromanage, microchip, Microsoft etc., MILF, millionaire, minx, missy, money, mobile, mojo, mommy, moron, motorcycle, moviestar, multi, multicultural, multi-task, munchies, my bad, mystery, myth.

Mariah Carey introduces her perfume M

There are hundreds of M words that have negative, if not horrible, meanings…such as murder, mutilation, massacre…and math. But we don’t need to talk about those now and depress everybody.

I’m certain I’ve omitted many important m words, if you have any to add let me know!

mm mm good


10 responses to “The Story Of M

  1. “There are hundreds of M words that have negative, if not horrible, meanings…such as murder, mutilation, massacre…and math.”

    Math is a horrible, terrible, negative word! Reading this line gave me my first real, proper laugh of the day. Thank you for that.

    Glad you found my blog because it meant I found yours!

    Enjoy your Arizona evening!
    Just Frances

  2. Thank you!
    I can balance my checkbook, but after that, I’m hopeless!

  3. What a developed post! Pictures, integration of themes. Really good! Takes time to put the images in, doesn’t it?

    Add another “M” fact: our registered brand for Flying Hat Ranch’s horses and cattle is the Running M. The Running M, upside down, is the Running W. That is the brand of King Ranch in south Texas.

    • Thanks! Yes it does take time—but less when you know exactly what you want.

      I’m curious, why do ranches say “Running”? I’ve heard this term before. How did you come by the brand Running M?

      Cool name, it definitely appeals to an M lover!

  4. Hi Debra,
    After you commented on my blog I decided to check yours out and came across this particular post. I love this one because my name, both first and last, starts with M. Not only that but the combination of first, last and middle initial equals 13 AND I am a Pisces so of course I love water! Of course, I never thought about all that until I read this post and it made me smile. As an aside, Lola is just a pseudonym I created when I was still working and didn’t want co-workers to find my blog. I am fairly new to all this blogging stuff and have not learned nifty things like adding pictures yet, I might just pick your brain for tips someday.

  5. Dear MM,
    Well how intriguing is that? Glad I could help you learn more about your letter. How does that work with the combination of your initials equals 13?

    Feel free to ask me whatever you want, I’d be glad to help, really.


  7. Changing angular lines into curves makes a brand “running.”

    The running W of the King Ranch being an example, the curves make it look like a headless and tailless snake.

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