A Few Gratuitous Pictures

Oh why not.

Don’t mess with Arizona girls

Worshiping at Carr Canyon

Debra and Jasmine

Raising baby robin who fell out of nest

Debra and Jasmine October 2011

Debra December 2011

Debra with compound bow July 2012



9 responses to “A Few Gratuitous Pictures

  1. Well, for goodness sakes, I’m so glad to see some photographs of the writer I read. And, it’s not on the dust cover — yet. Yes, don’t mess with the Arizona women that tote rifles and look like — I’ve focused closely — that they know how to put a cartridge in a repeating arm.

    I like the riding of the donkey, Debra. It looks well-kept. That’s a good steward of livestock.

    Beautiful photos that Jimmy took of you in the Arizona shade. Save those for your dust cover photos.

  2. Well thanks Jack—I don’t see many photos of bloggers, maybe they’ll have one small one. I always look though, I like to match a face to the writing too.

    I love to shoot and I’m lucky it seems to come naturally. Targets only. There’s an unpatrolled shooting pit nearby so it’s easy to go practice, nobody bothers you and everyone is polite, the way people with guns often are!

    Now what is this about a dust cover?

  3. The dust cover on books. That protective shield for books with the author’s picture and bio. I think that’s what it is called? I may be wrong. I too like to match face to writing. Good to hear it’s targets you shoot. I’ve a post in me about my boyhood and shooting. Not a period I’m proud about.

  4. Your writing is so fine that a dust cover may be in your future, down the way or arroyo. I don’t have one yet, but maybe someday.

  5. Dust jacket, dust jacket. Say it, again, Jack: dust jacket, not dust cover.

    Dust jacket, that thing around a book.

    I’m headed to Fort Worth for supplies.

  6. 1NRA decal+ 6dogs= 1 1Helluva burglar alarm

  7. Short hair suits you so much, D. It brings out the ‘true rustic beauty’ in you.

    • Hmm, sometimes I tuck my hair under my hat so it might look short, but I’ve always had long hair and will never cut it! Short hair makes me look about 20 years older! I bet you have long luxurious hair…

  8. Can’t believe! Through the pics, I thought it was short! Older…Nay :-). I love you in that tucked hair. The shorter, the more feminine — that’s my hairy paradox :-). I have a short crop.

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