Along the Border

Well it’s still bloody hot here and will be for another month or so. Blistering, slow-moving days, sticky sweaty sleepless nights. I love it here.

We had to go to Douglas, AZ yesterday and drove along Border Road instead of the highway. Some bulls and cows were in the road so I snapped a few shots. The patch of Border Road that goes to Douglas has a new fence, built within the past few years. Before the fence there were lots more border patrol along here.

Every time I go to Douglas, and indeed anywhere around here, it makes me happy to see all the exposed cleavage on the women. I often cringe when comparing this in my mind to what it must be like to be forced to wear a burka in a hot place, or anywhere. I’d rather be naked, or nearly naked, I think most Americans would.

Boobs spill over cash registers, counter tops, bank windows. They heave over pizza ovens and taco stands, in bars, pickup trucks, and holding babies. How can we not look? Everybody looks, that’s what they’re there for. The Mexican girls with their beautiful coffee skin and the white girls with their tans and freckles. Do not think these are all beautiful girls, many are not. With big boobs often come muffin tops and big butts, but it’s all equally on display. There are no business suits here.

I think most of the hot climates in the world are marked by (or were) the wearing of little clothing, which is why burkas are so insane as well as dehumanizing. No chance of that here, thank you. Cut-off jeans, tank tops, and flip-flops are the official uniform here, only varied by the amount of décolletage a girl wants to show. Women’s clothing is cut so low now too, which can be annoying when you don’t want that look.  I have done cleaning for senior men over the years, and I can tell you they stare blatantly when I’m on the floor bending over, they think I don’t know.  Let ’em look.

There are no pictures of boobs here, sorry—that seemed kind of rude…excuse me hon, could you bend to the left? I never take all the shots I want to of people because it’s kind of weird.

Happy Labor Day America, have fun. You deserve it.

White bull --- go ahead, make my day

Bulls and cows on Border Road

Nearby ranch where the bulls come from, I assume

New stretch of fencing along Border Road...Mexico on right, U.S. on left.

This is a draw (or wash) called Old Faithful. Somebody made this beautiful rustic sign and then welded it to the fence, which is kind of a strange commission in itself. I think I'd be actually more surprised if it were spelled right.


2 responses to “Along the Border

  1. Well, I am admirer of landscape and fleshscape, feminine especially. I, too, just love the body electric or not so electric, as the case may be. What a life it is to be surrounded by beautiful people as you describe. This is really a fine post. Courageous to write about boobs. You’re right, look, that’s what they are there for — a civil peek, of course. Of course.

  2. Sometimes it’s hard not to stare! You must have the same type of “fleshscape” (I love that!) in the summer heat of Texas…

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