The Week in My World 9/18/10

It’s still hot, but the rain keeps falling, though now in short bursts that don’t amount to much.  But the high desert still basks in the fluid infusion. Gush…lush…drip…grow, thrive, morph, prepare for sleep.

The ubiquitous hackberry bush in its September glory

Bisbee is tucked in under the cover of purple or red morning glories, transforming the town into linear shapes under a living blanket

"Perfection Bread" vintage advertisement, Old Bisbee

This is all you need to see to know it's a Bisbee girl. Farmers' Market, Saturday.

This guy lives in Bisbee and drives around with his two wolves.

Maxi at a jobsite this week

Heading south toward home on my street, I saw this little squall over Mexico. You can see where it's raining for hundreds of miles.

Lochlin Street, Old Bisbee

One of the many "art cars" of Bisbee. It's an art form here.

Close up of art car---Our Lady of Guadalupe icons are common here.

My friend Janice and I went to the Farmers' Market today and took some pictures of the animals for our local rescue group. We don't like breeders, we have too many strays as it is. We especially resent pitbull breeders, as the dogs end up in the desert, the road, or the pound, or the most obvious and vile, the fighting pit. This little guy is part pug and will be easily adopted because he's small and adorable.

4 responses to “The Week in My World 9/18/10

  1. Debra,
    So refreshing and relaxing to come here and see your visuals. What a place! I like the squall over Mexico. Yes, see it for miles and miles. You are so kind and generous with taking care of animals. I like the guy with two wolves, but I hope he feeds them well. I wonder how he does feed them? I subscribe to your comments, Debra, and I see that your following is growing. That comes with good writing and interesting places to camp. We are still under the lower 90s and upper 80s here in Mingus, looking for the fall, perchance can winter be far behind? Please scratch Maxi behind the ears for me and from my mare, Lilly. Warmly, Jack.

  2. Hey Debra,

    Thanks for the comments you left on my blog recently about habits. I have been tuning into your musings and you have given me a whole new take on a place that had never really entered my scope or perspective before.

    Lovely stuff indeed. Keep it up.


    • Thanks Dave! Well I didn’t realize you live in Scotland—wow, now I have questions! I’ve been there once, in an earlier life. I suppose our environments couldn’t be more different, which is a great way to learn new stuff.

  3. Thank you Jack! The wolf guy seems to love his pets, they are always with him. It does look like they could both use a bath though, and I did see them scratching. He has let me pet them, so they are not dangerous, although people do complain about them. He needs to do some maintenance work to his El Camino truck bed, the shade-providing top needs to be fixed, damnit. Pretty sloppy, but that’s Bisbee.

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