The Week in My World 9/25/10

I have written about how jazzed up people get during monsoon season—well this one has continued much longer than usual, and people are still talking about it. It was raining up until a few days ago, and the locals revel like pagan bacchanals. For now, everything is blanketed under a thick quilt of leaves, vines, grasses, and flowers.

In other news, I have work, my shoulder is inflamed and winces and whines, our swamp-cooler pump blew and had to be replaced, and I had a rescue cat spayed to the tune of $120. The money trickles in torpidly, in little slivers of hope.

Concrete-mixing trucks in the mist

Safeway parking lot…we live not under the clouds, but in them.

It rained so hard that hundreds of snails were washed across our driveway. Some snails were actually climbing up the back door! I gently swept them all up and put them out in the grass. I think they stay underground, fairly dormant, until it rains.

Half of a fat rainbow, backyard. Couldn’t find the other half!

I had to have a mammogram at the Copper Queen Hospital. There are almost always Border Patrol trucks here—illegals who get hurt are brought here and the BP agents wait while they are treated in the emergency room.

Little house in my neighborhood with vintage Airstream permanently parked in yard. Old Airstreams can be restored and have a loving following, with clubs, meet-ups, etc.

Parish viguiera, or goldeneye, along sidewalk in Bisbee

Lush pomegranate bush in full September fruit

The Border Patrol uses trucks, ATVs, helicopters, and horses. These five horses were parked outside of the local Mexican take-out place that the BP agents and sheriffs frequent. The BP takes good care of their horses, I have seen the stables up close on my walks.

One of the various “art cars” of Bisbee. This is a popular art form here.

A Jewel in the grass

Matilda, one of my outside cats, in a prime napping spot on the lawnmower seat. Matilda does not allow anyone to touch her, but she sticks around the yard—therefore she lives.

A grumpy Maxi after a bath. Look at those little alien feet. Maxi was found on the highway and turned in to the local pound while I was working there. I had to wait five days before I was allowed to take her home. This is in case someone calls looking for the dog, or the dog is sick—but mostly because the animal control guy likes to throw his weight around. He gave me a big hard time about this dog because he knew how bad I wanted her.

Maxi on guard


2 responses to “The Week in My World 9/25/10

  1. The picture of the cat on the lawn mower is priceless.

  2. Thanks! She’s always poised to flee. She’s so shy and gets picked on by some of the other cats, so I feel protective of her. Even though she won’t let me pet her she’s still one of my favorites.

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