Two Swallowtails Buzzed on Valerian

The butterflies are out in force—again, I think it’s about all the rain we’ve had creating an insect, bird, and animal-friendly environment.  These two black swallowtails are fused in a pose I think I’ve seen in the Kama Sutra. The male and female are slightly different, with the male obviously being more colorful, as in many species.  They were in a world of their own, barely cognizant of how close the camera was.  Oh I only have eyes for you…don’t you love catching nature in flagrante delicto? Click on photos for closer, more inquiring views.

Black swallowtails in graceful lust

Swallowtail love lock

The female appeared to be either dominant or maybe she was displaying her "I have to do everything" drama. She seemed to be pulling him about, her wings beating much more than his.

Back to back

6 responses to “Two Swallowtails Buzzed on Valerian

  1. Beautiful! I haven’t seen butterfly porno before 😉

  2. Beautiful photos. Your photos lately have been entertaining along with your commentary. Really beautiful and mean insects out there in AZ.

  3. Thanks—you must have a lot of the same insects in Texas. One thing that’s nice here is we don’t have too many mosquitoes, so you can sit outside without harassment, even at night. It’s lovely.

  4. so they go from butterflies to specmens?

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