Carnivorous Locusts of Arizona

Today I saw this huge locust dragging something across the Shell station parking lot—it was the carcass of a grasshopper! He pulled it along, found a nice sunny spot, and tore into it. Usually locusts just eat your trees or grass or crops—first time I’ve ever seen one with flesh hanging out of its mouth. They make some meanass bugs in Arizona!

Hey grasshoppers are a delicacy ya know!


5 responses to “Carnivorous Locusts of Arizona

  1. Thats a Horse Lubber Grasshopper, not a locust. I remember seeing those near Karchner Caverns, they have these blood-red wings. They’re very beautiful!

    • Thanks, I’m always interested in exact identification of plants and creatures. Though bugs aren’t really my thing, I agree that many are exquisite. I never kill insects, they are food for the birds.

  2. I recall it was fifth grade in Tombstone when I first ‘noticed’ the many varities locust in that region. What I found fascinating was their carnivorous behavior. We had many interesting play times that spring. Muhahaha

  3. Well SOMEBODY has to be from Tombstone….

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