The Week in My World 11/6/10

This week was better than last. I met a rather famous person who lives here who I am a fan of, and I’m going to clean his house. But just from talking to him, I can see that he considers housecleaning sort of a low-rent job, although he isn’t conscious of that (yet). He mentioned that “he doesn’t want to be there when I clean because there’s nothing worse than having a housecleaner around when you’re trying to do something.” Ha ha ha! Oh yes there is something very much worse—being the housecleaner experiencing the squirmy awkwardness of knowing she’s in the homeowner’s way. That’s OK, he’ll soon see how housecleaning can be an art form.

I also voted, which I haven’t done in a long time. The gorgeous weather here brings heavy border patrol to my street, driving slowly by, looking into people’s yards. Drone of helicopters. More murder and anarchy across the border. No kids on Halloween, they don’t come here. But since we’re always prepared in case they do, a lot of candy was consumed!

One of the local art cars

Old tunnel that leads to neighborhood of South Bisbee

Day of the Dead folk art and kitsch are very popular here. As kitsch goes, it's pretty cool as a subject matter and art form.

One of the gorgeous old rock walls of Bisbee, built during the mining days.

Delicious little lime green house in Old Bisbee

Car of the week: 1947 Plymouth Business Coupe, brought to you by our good friend Hogan, at

Maxi and me on jobsite

9 responses to “The Week in My World 11/6/10

  1. Interesting. I don’t suppose there’ll be any hints as to whom this person is? Depending on how famous, I doubt I’d know them anyway.
    With regards to Border Patrol, I watched a lovely little film the other day called Machete. I absolutely loved it. It’s probably old news to you, but it is just brilliant if you’re yet to see it. Blood, guts and the Texan Border!

  2. Hi Antony, how’re you doing?

    Nah, I better not say, especially since I just dissed him!

    I just read some reviews of Machete, found out its R. Rodriguez, and put it in my Netflix queue. I’m a big fan of his even though sometimes I have to turn my eyes away, it’s just too intense!

    Haven’t seen a post from you in a while—your readers await! How’s life in ‘Rocko’?

  3. I’m doing well, life is great. I got married last week, so that’s my excuse for the last few months of silence! Haha
    I remember you saying you’re a slasher fan, Machete will bring a smile to your face I think 🙂

  4. Maxi is so sweet. I lost my dog, and I don’t have the heart to ever replace him. Those early stone walls are pieces of art. I had arch built for the entrance to my garden, and it was worth every penny. Hmm, you don’t need any “work”.

  5. Aww, just think though, you could rescue a dog from the pound. Maybe someday?

    Can you imagine them digging up these fancy rocks 100 years ago and cementing them into retaining walls? I live in a town with jeweled walls…sheesh.

  6. I do like the old rock wall. Your work brings you in contact with the good and the bad and lately, it seems, a lot of clients are acting weird. They need a dog or two in their life. We voted also and it did not come out like we wanted it. We seem to be smothered with uber-dufuses these days over here in Texas. Hope your voice was heard in Arizona.

  7. The thing is clients can be as weird as they want as long as they don’t bother me when I’m working! Some get it right away, some don’t…maybe I’m the one being weird about it, but it’s a small price to pay for the kind of service I give!

  8. Ok, must get this gush out of the way: Maxi is soooo adorable, love the little pink sweater – so doggy chic! Great pictures Deb, it’s so bizarre to know that what looks like a quaint & colourfully quirky little micro-cosmos is so close to the site of lawlessness & suspicion. You must feel like you’re suspended between 2 worlds, sometimes at the frontline of battle? The USA fascinates me because of this, a place of many contradictions. But as a writer, I hope your location keeps on being a rich source of material that keeps those of us far away informed!

  9. Thanks E, you got that right. Old hippies took this mining ghost town over and made something beautiful out of it. We moved here for the art and the gay community and the freedom. It’s filled with lots of damaged people I identify with…many are very naive though, ya just want to shake them sometimes.

    We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into moving way down into this neighborhood though! We’re about 6 miles and a world away from the protective bubble of the Old Bisbee town.

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