Girls with Guns

I joined a women’s gun club called Shooting Stars of Cochise County, run by champion shooter and local hot ticket Debbie Albright. She started the club seven years ago when she moved here and saw the need. This is her love, and she offers all levels of classes for women, and often helps women work their way up the ranks to expert. Part drill sergeant, part professor, part showgirl, I think she’s just cool as hell.

I’ve been married to a couple of men with guns, so I’ve been shooting off and on for years. But I wanted to take some classes to learn all I can, and if I have acquired any bad habits I want to correct them. The course covers many aspects of gun ownership, self-defense, laws, and even competition if you want, but you have to stick with it and be willing to learn.

The class yesterday had 20 ladies of all colors, shapes, and ages—some who had never shot a gun before and were scared. One common belief I noticed from talking to the women is that they don’t want to be victims, and the other is that living out here and not knowing how to handle a gun is just plain stupid.

The course eases new shooters in slowly with no pressure. The volunteer coaches are all Shooting Star members, with about one coach for every three ladies, so nobody lacks for attention. It was great to see the BIG smiles on girls hitting targets for the first time. I keep hearing from various people involved with firearms that many women are naturally good shooters—I think that’s true. Maybe we try harder. Nothing like bonding over guns, girls. You never felt empowerment like this, trust me.

Young girls learning on .22 rifles

Volunteer coaches give individual attention to each girl

Debbie, the heart and soul of Shooting Stars (she also works at the local gun shop). She’s holding a little pink Crickett .22 rifle that a father was picking up for his six-year-old daughter! Check out the Glock 9 mm on Deb’s hip, with pink grip. What can I say? When you’re a champion shooter like she is, you can wear any damn grip color you want.

10 responses to “Girls with Guns

  1. I’ve been thinking of getting a gun. I’ve never shot one but I’m sure it would be an enjoyable feeling. Gun control doesn’t seem to cut crime, so I see no harm in people enjoying shooting every now and then.

  2. What are the gun laws in Spain like? Are permits, etc., easy to obtain?

  3. Well, good for you! I think I have seen a photo of yours on your blog in which you are shooting a rifle. It’s so important to have certain skills like using firearms — just in case. But, it’s also fun to target practice. I have several weapons and for decades have only used them for target practice or scare away threatening animals to my horses and cattle. I’m what you call predator friendly. Like your comment that she can wear any color she wants. Happy Thanksgiving after.

  4. I have never shot anything but targets but it’s empowering to know that I could if my survival depended on it. I think people tend to mess with you a lot less when you’re armed, IF the laws in your state protect the victim rather than the criminal.

    A couple months ago in Chandler (AZ) a homeowner shot and killed two gang members who crashed his party and threatened him and his wife. I loved the Chandler Police Dept’s response: “People in Arizona carry guns…you better be careful about who you are picking on.”

    Very different from the guy in Long Island (NY) last summer who was arrested after firing warning shots into the ground in his own yard after gangbangers threatened him and his family and blocked his car.

  5. June 28, 2005
    The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

    How secure does that make you feel? Most places in this country you can have a pizza delivered faster than you can get the police to respond to a 911 call.

    • Ed, I am a firm believer in gun rights as long as you have a permit, and here’s why: When I took the CCW course I learned the shocking truth about self-defense. In AZ a permit is not required, and we are vehemently opposed to this. The course teaches a gun owner what you MUST know in order to defend yourself and not end up in prison, because the attacker’s family will hire lawyers and make him or her look like a saint and you a killer. My partner and I are avid shooters, practice frequently, and urge people to learn the laws. I keep reading that Obama wants to disarm us—and I can tell you this: Living on the border is dangerous and they will never, never get our guns.

  6. outa my cold, dead hands!!!

  7. Wow, I’m in the archives. Ha ha. The category caught my eye. I think every woman should know how to shoot a gun. Took a CCW class when the administration shifted and because it was on my bucket list as a JOKE. It ended up changing my life. I will never be just a sheep again. ;). You should consider writing more articles on this subject. Great!

    • Hi Live Stronger, good girl! Here it is two years later and I am completely comfortable with my revolver. I had to try a few different handguns before I found my self-defense soul mate. I practice a lot and the gun has become second nature, the way it should be. No need to fear them, just criminals that have them when you don’t. I just watched a video the other night of Chuck Norris on the 2nd amendment…he had a sign on his house that read “We don’t call 911.” Pretty appropriate down here on the border! Every time I see a woman being raped or killed in a movie I want to scream WHERE IS YOUR GUN! Thanks for writing, seriously. So many people are anti-gun, they just DON’T GET IT.

  8. The Revolver…always a great choice! I’m partial to my Glock 26 and have been trained with that for about three years now. So many people are clueless and so uneducated on the issue, it’s very sad….honestly, I’m embarrassed for them. I went to a self-defense class through our local police department. It was free actually and I figured it would be interesting. Wow! It was incredible and I recommend it to ALL women. If you’re “scared” of guns..then you had better know how to defend yourself!

    Practice: that’s where I really lack. I’m doing great with straight on targets but not so good with speed test using holsters and being on the move. That’s on my list to work on heavy prior to winter.

    At that self defense class, it was a class designed just for women. They would call on us and ask us what we would do in certain situations. Early on in the class they called on me and gave me the scenario and asked exactly what I would do. Of course I answered with complete honesty. ;). Shocked their socks off and then waited for their answer. They laughed and said…”yes, that is exactly what you should have done!”. But then I had to answer the second time assuming I was unarmed. That is why I went…for the “what if” times. Great class…highly recommend it to you and ALL women.

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