Tombstone Escape

What a depressing week! The news SUCKS!

I had to get out of town, but the best we could do on our budget was Tombstone, about 30 miles from here. Click on pics for larger image.

A pile of cattle skulls for sale as souvenirs (I think)

Beautiful ruins in Tombstone

Billboard for Six Gun City, a popular bar that burned to the ground in December (see next picture).

Six Gun City no more, all that's left is that steel girder. There were rumors a month ago that there was some sort of feud going on in Tombstone, but I can't find any evidence to support that. I asked some locals what happened and they said it burned so fast the fire department didn't have a chance of saving it, so they concentrated on saving the surrounding buildings. You can see where adjacent buildings are blackened.

A really hot bartender at a saloon in Tombstone. The waitstaff all wear period clothing. Very cute and sexy.

Beautiful old facade in Tombstone

Lovely brickwork facade with bell in Tombstone

Stagecoach rides!

Tombstone hires actors year round to hang out, have their pictures taken, and just generally be fun to look at. They also do the OK Corral gunfight reenactment a couple times a day.

Ha ha!

Sign explaining why Tombstone is famous (well, one of the reasons)

Tombstone street busker. He was a one-man band.

Carved horsehead bench

Greetings from Tombstone

8 responses to “Tombstone Escape

  1. Hi Debra,

    I enjoyed reading your tombstone post. It may sound silly but I had no idea tombstone was an actual place and even where it was. It added a lovely bit of western magic to my Sub Arctic Scottish Morning. All the best of Friday and beyond to you.


    • Hi Dave, and thanks. (By the way how did your social-media-free week go?)

      I’m from the other side of the continent so it’s still a very magical and exotic world here for me. I always thought of Arizona as just a big desert until we moved here, and never would have thought ten years ago that I’d someday be saying “hey let’s go to Tombstone!”

      Take care,

  2. Good showing of that legendary town. Interesting blog by the way.
    Just subscribed to it. 😀

  3. Hello Francis!

    Thanks for your comments. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Take care,

  4. So that’s the place John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater wails about with his bull-frog voice on the track ‘Tombstone shadow.’ Just catching up with your past few posts, kind of true grit open hearted stuff, i admire you for telling it as it is but am now wondering if you’re tempted to post on recent events in Arizona; so you thought the news sucked on the 7th.

  5. Hi Kevin, thanks.

    Oh man we were huge CCR fans back in high school, can barely think of a song I didn’t love, and still do. I’m not sure if they mean Tombstone AZ or a tombstone symbolically in that song. Check out the lyrics and see what you think. They’re kind of vague, as so many lyrics are!

    The news sucks every week—this week obviously is particularly horrible here but I don’t think there’s anything I can add that would matter. We’re all still in shock, watching and waiting. Perhaps later after more is revealed.

  6. Where’s the exact location of that bar you went to? Debra, I like your portrait. Blazin Saddles: “What’s a dazzlin urbanite like you doing out there in a place like that?” Same reason I’m in the middle of the country — I like the solitude.

  7. It’s the Crystal Palace Saloon on Allen St. in Tombstone. It was originally a brewery, then rebuilt after a huge fire in 1881, reopened as a saloon and gambling hall—then prohibition came. After that it was a theater, then a bus station, then back to a saloon. I know it’s a tourist trap and I don’t care! You can feel the history.

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