Pat Down vs. Pap Smear

My friend Janice just returned from a trip to the east coast to visit family. I asked her if she had any problems at the airport, and she said no. I asked her if she got pat down, and she said, “Of course! I always get pat down because of my knee replacement.” I asked her if it was humiliating. No. I asked her if she requested a private room. No. I asked her if it was a big bloody deal. No.

Then I started thinking about all the TSA complaints, and tried to find out where the complaints are coming from. It seems from all over, but…

I wonder if there’s any way to find out the percentage of complaints that come from men. Some of the forums I read are mostly men who are all whiny and angry about having their “junk” touched. They’re “uncomfortable” with it. That makes me laugh.

Boys, you have no idea. In my life I’ve been pawed at more times than the cat box down at the animal shelter. Women spend their lives being groped, mauled, tickled, squeezed, fondled and our insides thoroughly poked in ways men can’t imagine. By boyfriends, husbands, brothers, bosses, co-workers, doctors. If any man ever had to lie down, spread your legs as wide as you can and put your feet in the stirrups, you’d be cryin’ like babies. Talk about uncomfortable.

I don’t fly very often so this whole TSA issue doesn’t really affect me. But if I ever get told I need a pat down, as long as it’s a woman doing the groping, I’m pretty certain I won’t cause a scene.

6 responses to “Pat Down vs. Pap Smear

  1. That was my wife’s response. “Big deal. I get the ultimate pat down with every visit to the Gyno.” In addition, she’s recently had our 4th child. I saw her spread eagle for hours as untold nurses/doctors came in to check her out and in repeatedly. Pat down…bah!

    • Yeah, I figured the experience of giving birth was another spectacle viewed by an audience of strangers, but since I haven’t done it I didn’t mention it. So thanks for validating.

  2. I sometimes wonder if the whiny men out there are scared they may get a small rush from it… a bit of homophobia for the old mirror to deal with…

  3. I travel overseas and I don’t want to go swimming in the oceans. Please pat me down and any person that boards that plane I’m on.

  4. Yep, the whole process of pregnancy and birth makes one lose any modesty she ever thought she had. I think the boys have a lot more problems with intimate examinations simply because they are more worried about control (and maintaining their “manly” image) than women are. I think guys should be more concerned about things that could potentially kill them- testicular and prostate and colon cancers- and not so caught up in the process necessary to detect and treat these cancers before they become death sentences.

    I don’t fly much either, but I agree that should I be required to fly, I would really rather not have the plane go down in a blaze of glory because someone was concealing explosives. If that means a pat down, that’s what it means. Either that, or if I have the option, I’ll just drive.

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