Beloved Home Arizona

Recent events in Arizona have shaken us all and cast a negative view of us. Though we mean no disrespect and fully understand the gravity of what’s happened, it is not our place to apologize for the actions of a madman. As one Tucson writer put it, we are not made of sugar candy—this isn’t the Hamptons. That’s for sure—it’s much, much better.

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful mild Sunday walking around town and driving up to Juniper Flats.  As in all of my posts, click on pictures for bigger view.

Woke up this morning to the sound of dogs barking, looked out the window and saw Border Patrol truck towing horses parked in front of our house.

Residence on Brewery Gulch

Old Bisbee Brewing Company

St. Elmo’s Bar…keeping townies fortified for 109 years

Bark Park, a small dog park locals made in an empty lot on Brewery Gulch

The Mining Museum

Doorway decorated with bottle caps on Brewery Gulch

Bisbee is full of former miners’ shacks, which people have renovated (or not). They’re small, but comfortable as well unique.

Wire horse sculpture at Sam & Poe’s Gallery

Me with Michael, local historian and character about town. He’s a wealth of information, all you have to do is ask.

23 Subway Street. We don’t have subways here, it refers to water drainage, which can be a real problem during monsoon.

View from top of OK Street

Bicycles are big here, both traditional and motorized

View of the town from Rt. 80

Castle Rock from Rt. 80

View of Bisbee from Juniper Flats Road. I don’t know why they call it “flats” as there’s nothing flat about it.

View of Mule Pass Tunnel, built in 1958. These are the Mule Mountains, named for the thousands of mules who carried the ore from the mines.

Unique structures on Juniper Flats Road

Top of Juniper Flats


8 responses to “Beloved Home Arizona

  1. Such beautiful country and such a unique town. Thanks for inviting us in to share your space! It is so much different than New England, but equal in every way. I loved the photos of Juniper Flats, so alive!

  2. Hi Bill,
    I’ve read some of your posts as recommended by Jack M. Sometimes I think it’s almost a responsibility to reveal the natural beauty in each of our little parts of the universe that maybe people don’t know about. You know, the secrets of the land.

    Thanks for stopping by and your comments!

  3. I swear it often looks as if you live inside a Tom Robbins novel. Every step is a story to be told, a world to explore. Such a groovy place-Bisbee, AZ

  4. Such a colorful country, thanks for beautiful pictures allowing me to visit from home. 😀

  5. Your pictures are a fantastic insight into the world in which you live. They are atmospheric and a rich story could be created from each, I’m sure.

  6. Thanks to all for comments—yes there are many stories to be told here. The people who worked the mines are almost all dead now as its been closed for years, but new generations come with their own stories…sad, desperate, triumphant, or tweaked out on meth watching their faces being eaten away. It’s all here waiting for you storytellers!

  7. What really great photos! So much local color. No wonder you settled there and stay there. Like the “Mine.” Hubba, hubba for you! Hubba hubba for the landscape.

  8. When you see “3-year-old Mustang for sale” here in the local paper…they mean the horse!

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