Success and Rage

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post describing the hearing loss of a senior lady I take grocery shopping once a month. I said I would try to find her some help in acquiring a hearing aid.

Well I did find help, from the Lions Club in Phoenix. I wrote a letter describing her situation, filled out the forms, got her proof of income, etc., and sent it all in. Today I got a call from the Lions Club approving her hearing aid! All they want is a $75 application fee.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to call the old lady to tell her it was approved. But when I told her about the $75, she said she couldn’t do it. I got mad. Then madder, then really mad. SHE HAS THREE ADULT KIDS.  I asked her why she can’t get $25 from each of them! I have to really yell on the phone with her, but by this time I was screaming so loud all my dogs went into hiding.

All I can say is those kids are lucky they don’t live here or they’d have to deal with me. I haven’t wanted to slap somebody this bad in at least a month.

I’m broke, always am. I don’t blame anybody for this, the choices I’ve made in my life are my own. But I’m going to ante up this $75 no matter what. $75 for a $1500 hearing aid that will bring an old lady out of isolation and back to the world of the living is a no-brainer, and my heartfelt thanks to the very, very nice people at the Phoenix Lions Club.

10 responses to “Success and Rage

  1. A suggestion: contact the local Masonic Lodge and explain the situation. My own Lodge has often helped the elderly with things such as this, and $75 is really not that much, unless you don’t have it.

  2. Thank you for that information! I just checked and we have one here in Bisbee.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I have really enjoyed reading yours.
    You have a great style and you seem to enjoy writing. I will definitely be checking back for your future postings.

    By the way, those three kids should have been beaten until they decided to pay for dear ol mom’s hearing aid.

  4. Hi Scott, thanks!

    I’ve been having these awful negative fantasies about what I would say to those kids if I could. They are grown children with families of their own, so for them to not see their mother’s growing isolation from the world is inexcusable. Wait till they get old…

  5. A near-tragedy; bypassed thanks to you. Stories of the old lady and her kids break my heart and are far too common. Yet there is a beautiful symbolism in strangers hearing the old lady to hear again!

  6. I just took her on some errands. She was crying when I picked her up. Apparently she did call her kids, and not one of them would help her. They told her they had problems of their own. I asked her if they have some reason to hate her…no, she said, they all had good childhoods and help when they were in trouble or came home pregnant. My gut tells me she was an attentive mother.

    She told me for Christmas her son sent her a color picture of him and his family on vacation at Myrtle Beach.

    Now I feel bad for being angry with her. Not that she heard me.

    Thanks for encouragement.

  7. Read this post twice now and want to smack those ‘kids’ down hard even though I’m on the other side of the world. I don’t believe in blind duty to one’s parents but I do believe as an adult it is my responsibility to do all I can for them when it comes to their comfort and health. Why? Because I grew up with support, food, shelter, access to a good education and had discipline drilled into me till I got it (which is a necessity to be a good human being). And if my mother needed a hearing aid, she’d get a gold plated one with diamonds if I could get it. Shame on them. But one day they’ll be old and dependent too and karma is a real bytch – E xx

  8. Ah E, underneath it all you’re such a good girl…

    Trust me if I could see those shits face-to-face I’d make a big scene. This is exactly what I mean when I say that there are times when rage is totally justified.

  9. Kids, ungrateful. King Lear knew it. Lot of stories there and here about ingrates. You are most kind to ante up the centavos for your friend. And, good for the Lions Club. One of my mentors and employers when I was in college was a Lions and they did great work in Brownwood. Debra, you may one day be canonized by…well, not them, but your readers and followers!

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