The Week in My World 2/20/11

Not a good one. Jobs that don’t come through, sick dog, sick partner, expenses way bigger than income. There’s no way out. Every day kitty litter gets thrown on my parade and adversity humps my leg. Pretending everything’s fine is not always possible, so please indulge me my sick inner child. All part of life’s rich pageant my ass. Knowing many have it worse is no consolation.

I drove to Whitewater Draw yesterday, a state-managed preserve near Elfrida, AZ. It’s been wicked windy, common here. En route the motor of the passenger window in my car died with window stuck open, natch. Do I really have to drive around with a sheet of plastic duct-taped to my window? Apparently.

Dust storm near Elfrida

Tumbleweeds are not charming. We call them "thumbtack plants." They're pretty in the summer, then die off and the wind whips them around and they collect against fences. When the dogs step on one, they yipe and limp, as do I. In the summer they go right through your flip-flops.

Driving into a dust storm

Pecans are grown here. They plant acres of them in perfectly straight rows. In the summer there are roadside stands selling fresh pecans, they're really good. The farms are irrigated and well-tended.

It's dry, dry, dry.

The wind and dust barely fazed the dogs.

Whitewater Draw is a destination for thousands of sandhill cranes, ducks, and creatures seeking water. The water was very low, but it's enough.

18 responses to “The Week in My World 2/20/11

  1. Thanks Debra. This gives a great idea of what it’s like out by you. Are these pictures from high in the mountains or down lower?

    And don’t worry. I won’t tell you everything’s fine. I’ll commiserate with you but won’t try to minimize that things can be bad. By all means bring the sick kid out to play. The fresh air can’t do them any harm.

    – Bob

    • This area in photos is about 4000 ft. elevation, Bisbee about 5000. Bisbee is in the Mule Mountains, these are the Chiricahuas. It’s hard to see through the dust in these pics, but southern AZ is very mountainous—even Tucson is surrounded by the Catalinas. So it never takes long to find a quiet place or a change of temperature.

      Ha ha, the kid has existential chicken pox at the moment. Thanks for writing.

  2. Look Deb, you really are my sista from another mother. I’ve had my car’s electric window die wide open before a mad thunderstorm hit me on the freeway. Nothing beats driving 30km home with a newspaper balanced on your head like a paper helmet. Oh except the sexy greasy ink sheen smearing over my face as I got more drenched. But yeah I know – sometimes no amount of oprah-isms or new age power of now, positive zen, crystal philosophy changes the fact that life can be a brutal bitch and there’s no way to smile when the joke seems to be on you.

    • LOL, thanks for visual of you driving with soggy strips of newsprint running down your face!

      Ya know I really do believe in self-empowerment, but that doesn’t mean it works. Sometimes my miserable carcass is nothing more than a worm dangling on life’s fish hook. Deep, huh. I need to take my own advice and Get Over It, but some shit’s just outta your control, and no “Overcome your limitations in 10 easy steps!” website is gonna help.

  3. Life can be tough at times, I hope yours will get better soon and you will find some work. Talk is cheap 😦 : I know but I would help if i could.
    I like the pictures showing your travels and your dogs.

    About your car, someone with the proper tool can easily remove the inner paneling of the door and manually push the window up slowly and as the motor will turn it will keep the window in place. Safer and quieter than the plastic.

  4. Hi Debra. I don’t have any pearls of wisdom to throw at you. In fact, I simply agree. Life can be shit. Regardless of the choices one makes. I hope it all gets better for you soon.

  5. eclecticumbrella

    Beautiful pics!! Great writing too… If I was still in the news business, I’d hire you! (little consolation, I know…) Persist… Tomorrow may be THE day you’ve been waiting for all your life… 😉

  6. Yep your life sucks! Now step back and reload. Am sure you already have. Thanks for the crop tour.

  7. No doubt a rough week! I can’t imagine anything worse than a window stuck down in a dust storm. Sort of symbolic, don’t you think? Still, look at your journey and where you are. These photos kind of says it all.

    Good post, and thanks for letting us in (through the car window?).

  8. Do I really have to drive around with a sheet of plastic duct-taped to my window? – Hey, if you lived here, you’d be “in fashion.” Rather, your vehicle would be. Of course, this is a crime-ridden town so “fashionable” comes at a price. BTW, I lived in southern New Mexico for a spell. Lots ‘o pecan trees in those parts, including one in my back yard. Mmmmm mmmm good.

  9. P.S. “There’s something about plastic taped to your car window that crosses a line…it’s like a public affirmation of how shitty you’re doing!” – lol. I couldn’t agree more! And it wasn’t long ago that that person with the shitty life was me. I was tempted to get a personal license plate reading: WHTRSH* Fortunately lack of funds stopped me.

    *white trash

    • Ha ha! I live in Cochise County, known as poor. I like its rough edge, but it’s way too easy to let your home, your car, and yourself turn into a pile of tumbleweeds. Many people here drive beat-up junkers (no rust, though) so plastic on your window isn’t so bad. But if I give in to it, it’s just another step down, down, down…ya know?

      • Oh, I know all too well, in part because I’ve spent time in your neck of the woods. P.S. A friendly helpful suggestion for those of us who read blogs and comments via online readers: If you preface a comment with an “@ (commenter’s name)” or refer to the commenter in the first line of your response, recognizing which comment is intended for whom becomes much easier. Otherwise sometimes it’s anyone’s guess which comment is intended for whom! Thanks.

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