Canine Costume Party 2011

Yesterday was one of Border Animal Rescue’s (BAR) annual fundraisers, Mardi Paws. We woke up to snow in the morning, which dissolved, but it remained wicked cold and windy all day. We did not get the turnout hoped for, but we soldier on.

Dog in clown costume

A BAR volunteer brought a three-week-old kitten who needs bottle feeding every couple hours.

The lovely volunteers from Tombstone Animal Shelter brought these two sweet dogs. They didn't get adopted.

My job was to photograph dogs in costume with their owners, print the pictures on the spot, and sell them to the owners.

This beautiful little girl had a smile on her face all day. Have you ever noticed that kids who love animals are the sweetest kids of all?

This little guy was dressed up as a skunk. Too cute.

Maxi accompanied us to the event, of course. The doggie goggles were a big hit.

Volunteer from Bisbee dog pound with big fuzzy chow mix who needs a home.

Two little princesses

Kids who are raised to respect animals = happy kids, happy animals

This little girl and her dog wore matching costumes.

These two cuties were dressed as a bee and a ladybug.


17 responses to “Canine Costume Party 2011

  1. That little kitten is so adorable!

  2. I would have been there come snow, hell or high water. Marvelous and generous people do exist. Marvelous and beautiful animals abound with beautiful people.

  3. Good on you for your contribution to the betterment of these pets lives. Those doggie goggles are quite something!

    • There’s a guy who rides a motorcycle around town with a little cart attached for his dog—who wears goggles. It’s so damn cute I can hardly stand it, I just want to follow them around.

  4. What a interesting, unique way to showcase a cause such as Animal Rescue. Am sure not only does it promote the Border Animal Rescue, it appears to be a fun way for all involved to celebrate their common interest. Kudo’s. I take my hat off to all the dedicated persons involved. An the pics, well, icing on the cake -after all its all about the animals. Though am not sure Diggdy Dawg Clown would be very appreciative of the backside shot. OMG, “does this clown outfit make my butt look fat”.

    • Ha ha Hudson you are so funny! His little butt was so endearing though.

      Yes it was fun, with a nice mix of adults, kids, and dogs. But so much work goes into organizing these events that it’s a heartbreaker when we have bad weather, etc. Many animals come to us damaged, so vet bills for rescue organizations are out of control.

  5. No superman costumes? I guess the clown makes up for that, unless you happen to have a fear of clowns.


  6. Bless you for this heroic work. Even if you save one it will be worth it. That little infant kitty brought tears to my eyes. What a sweetie – if I’d been there he would have gone home with me, round the clock feedings and all!

    • Hi Ann, thank you. There are certainly plenty more that need saving in any town anywhere in the world. We are always in desperate need of foster homes, as the shelters are always full and there are never enough volunteers. It’s a hard job and people burn out, and that includes me.

  7. “Have you ever noticed that kids who love animals are the sweetest kids of all?”

    YES. And that goes for adults, too. It’s all about respect for others (human and nonhuman).

  8. I’m not a cuddly kid person but I sure do like the ones who come to the events. So hats off to parents who pass on their love for animals, and who teach their kids to take the responsibility and commitment of having pets seriously. Thank goodness for all of you.

  9. Wow, what a great event. And that children were so involved will certainly bear fruit. I like this side of humanity, the side that cares for other creatures! Thanks to all of you who took the time to organize such a caring event.

  10. This is really cute, seems like such a great way to raise funds for animal rescue!

  11. It was a lot of work, a labor of passion by a group of dedicated volunteers. There are always disagreements and setbacks—but these events are always worth it in the end! Thanks for writing.

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