Learning Things the Weird Way

It’s impossible to keep a secret in cyberspace. Last summer I wrote a post called Bulls, Boobs, and Burkas Along the Border. The bulls and the boobs are real—both are a common sight here in Arizona where cattle are raised, the weather is hot, and the girls are lush and full of life. The burkas, however, I just mention because of my revulsion toward all things misogynistic (I get to do that).

But apparently men are fascinated by cultures who enforce keeping them boobs hidden under a shroud, never to be seen by anybody but your arranged husband. Every single day I get search engine hits for:

show big boobs in burqas

naked girls boobs in burkas

Pakistani boobs in burkhas

beautiful girl’s boobs burqhas

boobs in Iran in burkas

women’s boobs under burqas

and, the mysterious:

boobs on bulls (?????)

Under my search engine terms, the word “burka” is spelled every imaginable way. I could put a stop to this by changing the title of the post, but I don’t, in hope that maybe one of these boys will, after landing on my blog, actually read something.

Now that I’ve written this post, I’m certain to get many more hits from disappointed boys. Ha ha.


20 responses to “Learning Things the Weird Way

  1. I have often wondered how high the hit count would get if I just used “sex” as a tag. One day when I am feeling low and need to boost my blogging confidence I will give it a try. Until then

  2. Well it is sort of cheating…but hey, you never know, you might gain a new reader! Until every blogger starts using it in their titles…WordPress would blow up!

  3. Interesting, you’re so clever!!!
    I have also noticed the search term ‘dog’ will put your hit count off the chart. Which is good to know, so one does have to resort to ‘boobs’ to increase hits. Personally I like the good ole fashion way ‘of word of mouth’ technique -the digital equalvent being suggest a link. A tad more satisfying to know that someone finds your shtufffs of value in some way; an then offers the link to others. Kinda like a hug-less hug. We all like hugs.
    For better or worst, you have me thinking. I searched ‘boobs’ on Google Trends http://www.google.com/trends?q=boobs&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0 Indian and Pakistan are in the lead in their quest for ‘boobs’ , however, search ‘tits’ an the results are somewhat different and surprising………hmmm

    • Dog, huh? I could pretty much add that word to any post! I never thought of searching “Google Trends.” I may get too depressed.

      So it’s not Americans searching for burka boobs, I wondered about that. It figures they would use a slightly more vulgar word.

      What do you mean by suggest a link? I’m confused.

    • I guess I didn’t explain myself . I don’t give tags or search terms much consideration. What I have noticed by accident is that if ‘dog’ or ‘dogs’ is used in the tags or search terms or meta words (whatever the terminology) there is a great number of people performing searches with ‘dog’ in it. That you use ‘dog’ is probably getting you more quality relevant hits than ‘boobs’.
      Suggesting a link or sending a link to a friend or even back linking or putting your link in other sites or others putting your link in their sites (or forums) has been more beneficial than tags……My apologies for the confusion.

  4. One of my most popular posts is a little commentary on Hiroshige’s Celebration of the Cock Festival in the Ricefields near Asakusa. Sadly, I don’t think most people end up there through an interest in Japanese art.

  5. Hi Laura,

    Ha ha! Now where would those hits be coming from? Girls, gays?

    I actually don’t like the idea of “false hits” but it’s unavoidable when you write about the world we live in, don’t you think?

  6. Oh, that is just too funny. Especially the ‘boobs on bulls’. I’d love to get a photograph the guy that typed that in. Geez – still laughing out loud here.

  7. Thank you for this reminder that there are some things I will never understand.

  8. Yeaaaahh. I get strange searches too. I guess you could replace that post with a moral lesson. Maybe an Aesop Fable. That would be a suitable punishment for bad search attempts.


  9. Everyone instantly recognises the word ‘misogynist’ but how many recognise the word ‘misandrist’ ? i wonder why that is so?
    I found writing on an American rock band gave me the greatest number of visits ever!

    • Hi Kevin, I know why…because it’s not a culture and it’s not dangerous, nobody gets hurt because a few feminists hate men. But misogyny as a doctrine of religion and law is deadly.

      Yes I wrote a review of the movie Performance last summer, and I still get hits for Mick Jagger! Jeez, out of all the thousands of Mick Jagger sites, why on earth come to mine?

  10. If I want to raise my hit count I might use “dog” but I think I’ll stay away from “boobs”! This is too funny. Strange world we live in, but very entertaining.

  11. I honestly had no idea this would happen! Now that I do I’ll be more careful—I almost feel guilty about misleading people. Almost but not quite.

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how men’s or google’s minds work. Was google created by a man? hmmm I think it was.
    I recently spotted a search term on my blog…can I clean dentures with oxident. Now dentures were mentioned in one post as I nearly bought the wrong tooth paste due to language problems…but oxident? Obviously I must rank well under dentures…LOL Loved this post it made me laugh 🙂

  13. Some of the phrases that lead people to my site are a real stretch as well. I’m still getting daily hits for burka boobs.

    But don’t you love it when someone is genuinely searching for a specific subject or picture and they find it on your site!

    Thanks for commenting!

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