The Week in My World 3/11/11


THE LAW OF ATTRACTION really works. I have mastered visualizing underabundance, trusting in the force of negativity, and manifesting inadequacy. I’m a firm believer in self-disempowerment.


A HANDY TIP FOR HALF-BLIND SCREENSLAVES: As many of us age we become presbyopic, where the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus. Along with reading glasses, this easy keystroke is a lifesaver:

Hold down your control key and hit the plus (+) sign. Each time you hit the + sign the page will enlarge in increments. It works like magic on blogs or any internet page with uncomfortably small type.


DOES ANYONE ELSE EVER read the end of a book by a favorite author first? Bad books get tossed after a few pages. Mediocre books may be suffered through by skipping pages. But give me a P.D. James novel and I go to the last page first. I don’t want to race through the book for the sake of the ending, only to neglect the beauty of the writing. I read to savor the rhythm and flow of a virtuoso storyteller.


THE REPRESSION OF OUR PARENTS’ or grandparents’ generations was reflected in their music. In the ’60s when rock music exploded, kids no longer  wanted to listen to Bing Crosby or even Elvis. I think it’s not only cool that today’s kids listen to music than spans five decades, it’s almost obligatory. Many kids today love Led Zeppelin, and what’s not to love?

There are many people in my town who are stuck in the ’70s. They condemn the ’80s (they insist it’s all disco!) and the ’90s, (damn modern crap!) and they won’t even discuss the aughts. I vow to never let that happen to me. Viva Lady Gaga!


CAN WE PLEASE STOP with the phone books?  A couple of times a year they distribute them  in my neighborhood, and most people don’t even pick them up. They sit there by the road in their plastic bags and rot, and then I pick them up. Phone books should be by request only—who even uses them anymore? They are going the way of the landline and video stores.


1948 Bisbee dog license that our friend Hogan found on his property. It is one of my dearest possessions, I use it as a key chain. I wonder about the dog who wore it, and frankly I’m surprised they even had dog licenses in AZ in 1948!

The Ironman statue at the corner of Tombstone Canyon Road and Quality Hill.

Even our sewer covers are cute here.

The trees are budding and some are flowering. This beautiful old apple tree is in full blossom, and is busily attended by birds and bees.

Friends built this hay bale doghouse for their outside dogs. Hay bale houses are popular here as they make superior insulation. The bales are stacked on wire forms or rebar, then covered with cement or plaster. This doghouse is not plastered, but it is very cozy inside.

Bonnie is a three-year-old pitbull who needs a home. She’s been through more than I can write here. She’s being fostered by my friend Janice. Bonnie is funny, loving, protective, and doesn’t need no stinking leash. She’s a companion dog first and foremost. However, she’s not crazy about other big dogs.

Car of the Week: 1959 Volvo PV544, beautiful condition inside and out. Drive it away! Brought to you by our friend Hogan at


16 responses to “The Week in My World 3/11/11

  1. I laughed out loud at the Law of Attraction, then I held C and hit+ and I laughed louder and longer. Thought about my grandparents and parents music, my grandfather played in one of the first big bands in the country-Paul Whiteman. Then I realized I use my phone book all the time (am I that out of date). Cell phones don’t work in the neck of the woods.

    Photos and captions were terrific (loved the old dog tag but wouldn’t want to swim with it around my neck). What a pleasurable entry today Debra. Lots of fun for me!

  2. Why thank you Bill! My computer is on 24/7 so whenever I need a number I go to White Pages online because it’s faster and the type is bigger! I think people must be doing this or they’d pick up the phone books.

    Wish I had that issue of what to do with keys while swimming—haven’t been in the water in years. Grew up near lakes and rivers, but none around here.

    I just looked up Paul Whiteman, the King of Jazz! I might not care about jazz personally, but music is so essential to growth. Can’t imagine growing up without it.

  3. You think the music of the 70s reflected repression?? Sheesh! If you have a strong stomach, get a hold of some of the crap from the ’40s. Inane words, dumb music, actually the films were the same and forget about the clothing. My feeling has always been that everything from 1939 to 1959 should be expunged from the time warp. And unfortunately those of my generation (WWII) still have some RECORDS – author pauses to choke – of some of the CROONERS – author actually chokes – from this wasted era. Yes, long live Gaga and my personal favorite, rap. I’m into words, and rap does it for me.

    • I don’t know how you got that idea. I said our parents’ music reflected the repression of the time. My mother was born in 1918.

      Then I said that many people here, hippie-types, are stuck in the ’70s and do not want to know any later music. Therefore, their generation is acting exactly like older generations did by not accepting new music.

  4. Phone books are useful for generating character names, but you don’t need new editions for that.

    I want that car. Bad.

  5. Staying locked in the past is bad for any generation. Evolving is what we are supposed to do. This is what it’s about, whether in the musical sense or anything else. Too bad about the stodged-out hippies, but at least that generation made some really important changes. They were seen, and heard, and I sure didnt notice much of either in my own contemporaries. That is evident today. It was a sad choice.

    • That’s the truth. People stop growing and get stuck in the time of their youth. Hippies from the ’60s don’t realize they have become like their parents! But you’re right, it was a revolution that was overdue.

  6. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – I tried to think of a way to shorten all that into something that might fit on a T-shirt. Am just not that clever, guess I’ll continue to wear out the old stand-by T-shirt , BITE ME. It’s not original, though it works for me.

    crtl + , I gave up on that years ago, too much work to concentrate at hitting two keys at once, so I assigned F12 as the senior button on my keyboard.

    Great pics of Bisbee, think’n good thoughts for Bonnie. (a Bonnie Lass she be). High Five’z for being the musical rebel in regards to age and music, I knew there was more just like me out there. As for phone books, I think am on my last free phone book, if not next year then the year after, white pages and yellow will be strictly on line north of the 49th.

  7. Ha ha, bite me is one of my favorites, though when you think about it, it doesn’t really make sense. If I were a man, I’d use the other one…you know which one.

    The senior button, OMG that’s funny.

    Phone books had their day, now it’s just a waste of trees.

    • Speaking for myself, though am sure you as well as others can relate, I’ve had more ‘shtufffs’ come back to bite me in the backside more times than I can remember – and I do have a good memory but my ‘forgetter’ works fairly well too.
      No, bite me doesn’t real make sense though we all know what it means -‘get lost’ or ‘screw you’ and stronger.

  8. Love the post and wow, I did not know about the senior key and I am loathe to admit that I am happy you gave that tip!

    BTW — I am back thanks to your little nudge. An entirely new blog since I deleted the others, but, well, its a start.

  9. So glad you’re back. Grumble, vent, bitch and moan as much as you want right here, I’ll join you!

  10. I grew up in the exciting early days of rock ‘n roll though I still love today’s music, mainly from the indies groups.

    Love your photos. I’m in a writers group and our task this month is to write an ‘It’ narrative, once all the rage in the 18th century. That 1948 dog tag would make an interesting story

  11. Thanks John.

    OK you got me, what’s an “It” narrative?

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