A Different Approach

I’m going to experiment so I’m not so intimidated by these writing exercises. I can’t bear the words drabble or dribble (yup I looked them up) so I’ll just call them flash-fiction, which is the term I like the best.

Tonight I stumbled upon Cafe Muravyets, who creates five-word prompts with a theme. The stories must be exactly 50 words. The words were mailbox, outlawed, train, reply, collectively. The theme was Loosening.


Loosening the Rules of Reason
The city residents voted political correctness their top priority. Because a written train of thought risked possible offense, the traditional mailbox was swiftly outlawed. Queries would be answered by perceiving a reply collectively through the city council. The residents were pleased that freedom of expression would no longer be misused.


I’m going to try some others too, the weirder the better.

5 responses to “A Different Approach

  1. I love it! Hehe, love the “perceiving a reply” but don’t give anyone ideas or we just might head that way.

    I agree, I hate the “drabble” or “dribble”, not sure where that started. Flash fiction is much better term.

    I was contemplating trying Cafe Muravyets prompts but I don’t think I’m ready for only 50 words yet. I’m lucky I can keep BeKind’s down to around 250!

    Excellent writing, keep it up, I look forward to what you do next.

  2. Thanks, it’s definitely a challenge. I’m looking around for a site with a set of less everyday-type words. Not as easy as you’d think. If you come across one, let me know.

    Maybe this will kickstart me into writing about something else besides dead animals.

  3. I’m glad you’re not quitting. This looks hard! You nailed it, though.

  4. Thanks—I’d sure like to see your interpretation!

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