Better than Tuna?


Better than Tuna?

What a bunch of dopes. Look at them down there, always making a big commotion about every trifle. A gnat flies by and they gotta let you know they’re on Stupid Patrol. I get to go outdoors but I don’t need no stinking fence. I’m sitting here on the ledge out of their sight, but my route to the branch that goes into the park is a well-marked course. I like to sit here for a bit and meditate before I go in. I’m quite Zen, you know.

I leap smoothly to the branch and wind my way through the tree into their territory. All it takes is one little meow and here they come. Look at them all barking and howling around the base of the tree. Though my own dogs are much better trained and know they’ll get a sharp slap if they chase me, they just can’t resist acting like a bunch of barbarians when they see me in a tree. Some primitive instinct to corner something I guess. Idiots, will they never evolve? Now their owners are all yelling at them to quit it. Ha ha. Whoa, was that the sound of a can opening? Gotta go!


Stephanie’s responses to prompts at BeKindRewrite are exploding. It seems like a lot of work for a person who has a busy life. She puts a lot of thought into these prompts, and it doesn’t seem fair to her to combine her excellent prompts with others from different sites. Also, all you have to do is pingback somewhere in your post to Inspiration Monday VIII  or whatever number it is. You don’t have to print your entire story on her website or bug her to look at your story. She’ll be notified of your pingback and give you credit on Monday night. I’m afraid we’re going to lose this wonderful opportunity if we don’t respect these simple rules. I’m not trying to be a dick, but she is just one person, and I for one do not want to overwhelm this brilliant woman who has a full-time job, a book she’s writing, and a lack of sleep she has written about.

Prompt is A Cat in a Dog Park.

22 responses to “Better than Tuna?

  1. Love the story! I can just picture the smug kitty taunting all the idiot dogs. Very funny.

    As for Stephanie, I hope she doesn’t get overwhelmed and we lose her! I never thought of that, it is amazing all that she does and she definitely deserves respect and a round of applause for all she does. She’s created something amazing with Inspiration Mondays and I look forward to it every week!

  2. Thanks, trying hard to not be depressing! I look forward to InMon too and we should respect her wisdom and her time.

  3. enjoyed this, Debra. we did a similar thing — writing from the pov of an animal or object — with varying degrees of success but you nailed this one. at first I thought the cat might be climbing the tree to grab a bird on the branch until the realization hit me that birds can fly! I think I need that coffee NOW!

  4. Thanks J Leo! It’s not easy for me to write an animal story without the concomitant misery. I’m happy to say that not one animal was hurt in the making of this story!

  5. Zen Kitty, now that’s a feline trait I’ve yet to recognize. What a neat little story -from beginning, through middle and to the end. I started my Monday off inspired.

  6. They just pretend to be Zen, cats are just as goofy as dogs but they don’t admit it.

  7. Nice job Debra. Somehow I could see a cat thinking like this. Most cats seem to have an attitude, don’t they.

  8. Yes, but they forget all about their attitude when a can opens, the food bowl is filled, a new toy tossed into their midst…

  9. I LOVE this story, cat lover that I am! I am seeing my cats in this part…” like to sit here for a bit and meditate before I go in….” LOL.
    What would we do without our true friends who love us for what we are.
    Thank you!

  10. Thanks Char! I for one would not be here in this world if were not for them.

  11. This was a good one! Now I feel guilty about knocking off my kitty, which of course would not have happened if I had not had the dog’s POV.

    Your portrait of the cat is one that I can see.

  12. Thanks Carl.

    They really do get along with they live together. My cats take no sh*t from my dogs…unless one decides to climb a tree then all bets are off.

  13. I love the cat attitude. Being quite zen, and “will they never evolve”? Awesome. And a perfect ending.

    Thanks for your words. InMon’s getting pretty exciting. I really don’t mind combining writing challenges (the all-dialogue ones really fascinate me), but you’re right about the pingbacks. I don’t usually get to reading until Friday or Monday. As always, thanks for looking out for me. : )

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  15. I really like the “air” that the cat has put up. That’s exactly how I picture them (though I never had one as a pet). Lovely read.

  16. Thank you, and I knew your writing would get lots of attention!

  17. I enjoyed this story.
    Your words create a great picture of the superior feline mocking those oh so stupid dogs!

  18. I wasn’t sure it was a cat at first, but it became obvious.

  19. Well we don’t want to give too much away at the beginning!

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