The Week in My World 5-10-11

I feel at odds with myself and the world, like an alien creature sent to live among humans to collect information but unable to send anything back but corrupt data. I despair at the state of the planet and of my personal life. And, I’m out of coffee filters.


We’ve been streaming episodes of the TV show Lost. First season, well who doesn’t like a plane crash? Second season broached turbulence when we began to realize how unlikable the characters are. Last night we were midway through the third season when we were cast adrift. The characters bicker dully and can’t answer a simple question without some snotty witless remark. Who’d I rather? None of them. And nobody’s fracking, what’s up with that? I don’t care about any of them, and aren’t you supposed to care? The episodes crawl tediously, without a hint of insight why these weird things are happening, it’s just one mystery piled on top of another with no relief. One of the most annoying motifs throughout the show is that though each survivor experiences nightmares, hallucinations, and visions, whenever they relate their incident to another character, it’s met with “oh it was just a dream” or “you’re under a lot of stress” or “get some sleep.” Wouldn’t ya think they’d want to share these dangerous and scary visions, like maybe they’re related? We read the rest of the plot outlines and saw no need to suffer this wreckage to the end. The island is beautiful but the plot and dialogue are stagnant.


Sorry, can’t resist another boyfriend story…

When Don Lenz first zoomed in on me and flashed me his smile, we really clicked. He said I was a cute little pixel but he must have been looking at me through a diffuser. I shutter to think how overexposed I was, and had to F-stop him quite a bit at first.

But as time went on, the contrast between us sharpened. All he wanted to do was download me with his inkjet. I wasn’t the first either, his memory stick had a long history. Well he can stuff it up his aperture for all I care. Next time I see that self-focused bastard I’m going to point and shoot.


An acquaintance said to me the other day, Debra, all you do is rant. I said that’s a boldfaced lie, can’t you at least put it in italic? He said, well you’re still weird. I said, me weird? You oughta try blogging.


Some recent pics…

I think my favorite tree here is the ruggedly beautiful alligator juniper. Such character, such spirit.

Alligator juniper berries

Alligator juniper roots

Bottom half of ancient palo verde (“green stick”) tree, another exotic beauty and state tree of Arizona.

Various woodpeckers, flickers, and owls make their nests in saguaros (pronounced suh-wahr’-oh) They don’t grow up here at 5,000 feet, this was taken on a recent trip to Tucson, where they flourish.

Spring and fall are the busiest times for the border patrol. Our house is situated on a corridor, which I did not know when we moved here. USBP trucks, ATVs, horses, and helicopters are a daily event in my backyard. I snapped this picture the other day in front of my house. 

Here an agent is giving one of the men IV fluids. There are so many coming through.

30 responses to “The Week in My World 5-10-11

  1. Being out of coffee filters is the worst, been there, done that. We can’t do much about corrupt data and the state of the planet, so we have to avail ourselves of one of the Universe’s best ideas – caffeine. Try always to keep filters on hand but if this happens again, work a paper towel in the shape of the coffee basket and voila – all becomes well.

  2. Thanks for the warning about “Lost”. Netflix is getting kinda compulsive about recommending it to me, but my instincts saved me thus far. Without your warning, Netflix would have succeeded in persuading me to watch, and I would doubtless have become addicted. Life is far too long to spend so many hours unpleasantly.
    Also, with the passage of years, I find my always dubious sense of direction become no longer dubious…now it just tugs on my collar and says, “where the hell are we?” I never know what to answer it. Sometimes I suggest to it that we ask someone, but invariably my oh-so-imaginary sense of direction retorts with,” hey! we’re lost, they’re right here, so they’re lost too!! remember your syllogisms buddy.”
    Loved your work with the inkjet. I wanted to play with it myself, but I feared it didn’t scan that way.

  3. “All he wanted to do was download me with his inkjet.” Lol 😉
    Thanks for the pics – I always enjoy seeing things from your neck of the woods. Funnily enough (or not) I read an article yesterday about the illegals in Arizona and thought of you. Any ideas why the traffic is increased?
    And finally, thank you for reminding me why I don’t watch TV. Blech.

    • One reason is simply the nice weather, illegal entries drop in winter and heat of summer. Mexico has got to do something to make their citizens want to stay. Every day we hear of a new pit found with a bunch of dead bodies, or men, women, and children killed and dismembered by drug rings. It’s horrible and their government needs to do something about it instead of blaming the US: I read that the president said “the whole problem is that they like drugs in the US.”

      • Ah, yes. The good weather would explain it. I find the whole loss of life (even for those still living!) in the drug war/cartels/user/abuser/mule etc. circle so damn sad.

        • Sad, sick, and deadly. Another serious criminal activity on the rise here is human trafficking, which we were lagging behind on and needed to catch up with the rest of the world I guess. They just found a big house in Phoenix with a bunch of men and women imprisoned. Gang members kidnap people and hold them for sexual slavery or whatever, or extract ransom payments from their families. I can’t say it enough that our government, and most governments all over the world, have their heads up their asses when it comes to caring for their own people.

  4. I agree about Lost. Don’t waste your time. If you make it through to the final episode you will just be mad you wasted so much time for it. We’re watching the UK version of Being Human. Just got the most recent season on DVD. I like it a lot but I’m not sure why. Did you finish Battlestar Galactica?

    I have nothing to say about your boyfriend story because we’ve all said it all before. A JOY to read. I can’t get enough. You need a column somewhere to do that full time. If someone would just discover you.

    The pics of the border patrol are wonderful. I wish every American could see those. Compassion is rare to see. We could all learn from it.

    • Hi Kay, No, we’re done with Lost. Can’t stand it. Battlestar Galactica was one of the best productions I’ve ever seen in either movies or TV. It has become a benchmark for me, every episode rocked except the last one. I like the freedom to watch a show in its entirety through Netflix, and now I see they provide captions with streaming which is great—but only for TV shows, not movies. If anyone has any suggestions for something as good as BSG, let me know!

      • Have you ever seen Supernatural? Not as good as BSG, but it’s very clever and sarcastic, and nicely aware of itself at times. I haven’t watched it all the way through but the times I’ve caught it on TV I’ve wanted to watch more. I didn’t see any of the first and last seasons but the ones in the middle are good. Being Human is worth a try too. There is so little worthwhile TV it’s shocking.

  5. Thanks for sharing the alligator juniper, I’ve never seen anything like that; and for showing the humanity side of the BP, which is probably a thankless job. I didn’t lose any time watching “Lost” apparently, and love the boyfriend stories! 🙂

    • Hi Patti. There isn’t a movie made in Hollywood where they don’t portray the BP as a bunch of ruthless bastards. I’ll bet not one of those directors ever lived on the border. These men and women bust their butts out there, it’s a hard and dangerous job and they are tough and compassionate. Thanks for writing.

  6. Loved Battlestar Galactica (the newer version), but REALLY loved The Wire. I remember people saying that it should never be eligible for tv awards, because it wasn’t representative of tv, and shouldn’t be judged in the same manner.
    Poor Mexico. Poor Mexicans found dead in unventilated trailers trying to cross the border. Poor border police finding those asphyxiated bodies of men, women, and children. Poor Mexican judges, the uncorruptible shot dead. Poor border states, with no clue what to do. I live next to Canada (Quebec province). Relocation for border patrol folk across the country is a bitch, but i hope they have the option to rotate out to the relaxed border.

    • Yup, that’s the BSG I’m talking about. SO good. OK The Wire—just looked it up and it’s available on disc from Netflix. I just put it in my queue. Sounds raw, just the way I likes ’em. I’ll let you know if I like it!

      I never heard of Border Patrol relocating, the terrains of these two borders are different worlds. I imagine much of their training focuses on dealing with the terrain. How weird that would be for an agent to go from the desert to the forest! I imagine they are not an everyday presence the way they are here, or are they?

  7. Wow! There’s a lot in this blog, Debra. First, regarding ‘Lost’. I was hooked for a few seasons but then became disenchanted like you when there appeared to be no resolutions or revelations in sight and the cast of characters multiplied exponentially like a Malthus graph.

    Those alligator juniper roots are really something.

    Like you in Bisbee we have troubles here in Australia with illegals though we call them ‘refugees’ or ‘boat people’ or ‘asylum seekers’; they occupy an inordinate amount of attention for their small numbers relative to the problem in Europe and the amount of space we have in this vast land.

  8. Hi JLeo, I’m surprised Lost was so popular. OK not surprised. And there were 5 or 6 seasons, so that means people who watched it on TV were subjected to it for years. And all those flashbacks were lame—boring and not useful. Everybody was so awful and personality-deficient. No comic relief, no wit, no snappy dialogue.

    You said it, no resolutions or revelations to hold your interest. Even though a show is a series, each episode should have a beginning and an end, don’t you think? It reminded me of that game where you write a sentence and fold the paper and bring down one word to the next line, then someone else carries on the sentence, back and forth until you have a page of surreal goofiness.

    Can you explain about the amount of attention the illegals in Australia receive? What does that mean? From the media, or from the refugees themselves?

  9. I really like Fringe. I never could come in grips with Lost. And I love the photographs. Which camera do you use? ( I am assuming you are professional considering the exceptional rant in the boyfriend story 🙂

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like Lost. I thought I would get surly commenters who loved it, but everybody who’s written said they didn’t like it either. They promote the hell out of it though, don’t they, and make you think it’s on the must-see list of everybody on the planet.

      I have a Fuji Finepix S. It wasn’t an expensive camera but I love it, it does everything I need it to do. I always crop, and sometimes tweak or sharpen in Photoshop if needed. No I’m not a professional! I’ve just been taking pictures for a long long time, but thank you!

  10. ‘surreal goofiness’ : nicely put 🙂

  11. ” I feel at odds with myself and the world”, no damn wonder you feel that way. The beauty of the desert in contrast with the coming and goings of the human nitty gritty ugly shtufffs. That first paragraph is a sledge hammer used to knock a hole in the barriers that surround. Thanks for busting out that hole and sharing what it is to be you, yet again. You are unique and you live in a unique place.

    • Sweet talker? That’s satire, right.

      ‘Seeing the world as it is, not how it should be’, true enough. Absolutely nothing wrong with that being the Rule, not the Exception. Will send a post card from the Ship of Fools when it docks.

  12. Ah Hudson, you’re such a sweet-talker, I may have to write a story about you!

    Thank you, and yeah I think people who are affected by the ugly stuff are always feeling torn, trying to find snippets of comfort or humor wherever they can, but always with caution. We see the world as it is, not as it should be…and though there might be a sunset or tree or pizza that cheers us, it’s only a temporary fix until the next bomb falls. (Dogs, however, are always there for you.)

  13. I keep looking at the photos of the Alligator Juniper roots and seeing a face in the bark. Is it just me seeing that, or is there a carving there?

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