The Almighty Power of Political Correctness

The Week in My World 6-29-11

My disillusionment with Arizona has left me uninterested in photographing local sights. I see the town differently now, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m trying. I want to love it. But I feel like one does when you’re on the verge of breaking up with someone and all the eccentric behaviors you thought were cute now annoy the shit out of you. I hope to get over this and stick out the relationship, but that tactic has never worked for me before.

None of the “We Buy Ugly Houses” companies will return my calls or e-mails, and who can blame them. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t buy a house here either. I wish the people who wrote to accuse me of racism regarding who started the Monument fire would come down here. I don’t hold it against them though—they remind me of myself when I was a young douchebag. As Henry David Thoreau once said, “some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.” If this fire was caused by a smoking rattlesnake or some insane hiker walking through Smuggler’s Gulch, I’ll eat my cheap designer rip-off Stetson. No one, and I mean no one, is allowed to discuss the cause of the fire unless you’re in a soundproof cell with a close friend and you’ve both signed a non-aggression treaty. And that’s what is so depressing. We’re sanitized. Impotent.

So I have no whimsical pictures or quirky anecdotes to share of my home this week. A muzzle has been slapped on my Arizona muse.

21 responses to “The Almighty Power of Political Correctness

  1. But you have many blog-friends and we are cheering you on!

    The muzzle may be on your Arizona muse now…but it won’t be forever!

    Thinking of you and all of yours,

  2. Your home will never be the same but maybe you can turn it into something you can tolerate. We know that illegals started the fire. I have no doubt of that. I get so angry that there are parts of our own country that we can’t enter because it’s too dangerous. And I wish I had some answers for this mess we’re in. But regardless of where we live, there are issues – different than AZ’s but still problems. Not sure where I’m going with this as per usual but I feel bad for you and wish I could do something, anything.

    • Thanks Sandie. I’m hoping with all my heart I can get past this. We’re not allowed to call them “illegals,” they’re “migrants.”

      Estimates of the cost of mideast wars vary, but one thing is sure, they’re not telling us the real number. I just read an article that expects a 4 trillion price tag. There are websites that have the numbers spinning like those population websites. My only hope is that someone comes along whose priority is America, jobs, borders, our people. Our country is divided by politics and race and it is encouraged. I’m an American, period. Maybe I could deal with life here if there was work and everything wasn’t such a struggle. Thanks for writing and your support. Stay safe.

  3. This is a dumb question, but why is it I only hear of the border issues and the problems with Mexican illegals in Texas (they are illegals if one enters a country without going through immigration procedures – so am with you, call them what they are) ? Frankly I really did not realize there was such goings on in Arizona prior to knowing you or if I did, I wasn’t aware of the severity nor the affect it was having on the population in southern Arizona. Perhaps I was tuning it out when it was being mentioned in the media. If I did so, please accept my apologies, I should not have. It’s get so hard to keep track and aware of all the issues in the world.

    I am apprehensive of saying anything since am living here north of the 49th. Am trying to understand stand this, truly I am. So I read your words carefully and give them more weight than I might to News blurbs and News Crawls. Regardless of no photographs, I still got the picture. You will always question the problems, issues and the government, Muzzle, ha!

    I do wish you didn’t bet the Stetson, could you not have bet something else? Never give up your hat or your boots Cowgirl. Hope, thoughts and understanding for you from here, as always.

    • Hi Hudson, Texas has a 1200 mile border with Mexico while we have 370 miles. Both states have huge problems with border wars. If they legalized marijuana it would help some, but tons of meth and heroin plus human smuggling are impossible for current resources to contain. Drug cartel violence continues to escalate in both states.

      It’s impossible to get real facts from mainstream media. They are part of the problem, not the solution. Five minutes from here is the POE (Port of Entry) Naco, a town existing on both sides of the border. As soon as you pass through into Mexico you know immediately you’re in a third-world country. The disparity is shocking, and it’s creeping into southern Arizona in areas such as my neighborhood. It’s not worth the sunshine.

      I don’t think I’ll lose that bet Hudson. Everybody here knows what’s going on, we’re just completely censored. This accomplishes nothing except to make the problems worse. Here’s a good quote by Salman Rushdie: “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”

      And thank you, as always, for your friendship and support. Are cowgirls welcome in Canada?

      • That answer to that question just put things in a better perspective at least for me. I have Port of Entry Naco open on another page on my browser as I type. First couple of pages of search results items are related to smugglers, complaints, pdf’s of government reports, you have to go deep into the search results to see any actual items that relate to POE Naco as a place. That in itself is sad and sheds more light on the turmoil that is fermenting there on the [ ‘B’ order ] of Arizona. Mind flash -people and places being covered by a tsunami of political garble, in action, pain and suffering, angst and the proverbial ‘blind eye’ of the leaders. Getting nowhere fast, I click on by google search bar IMAGES. Some of the images are similar to the ones you post, in terms of the environs. I click on one image of a border patrol agent. Which takes me to an article from the ‘BISBEE NET NEWS’ from December 2010 pertaining to a Naco based Border Patrol agent who was killed near Rio Rico. Okay, now am seeing ‘the war’ you speak of.

        I mention this only to let you know your are reaching us (ME) and that you make a difference…..I just have to make an effort to understand. Salman Rushdie’s quote: “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist” also makes me think, that without both, how and who would point to what it is that really needs to be focused on and then attempt to understand the true reality of what we think is ‘paradise’.

        Oh hell yes , Canada likes ‘Cowgirls’, always room for one more. Canada opens its arms to all, but the fine print reads ‘this ain’t no paradise either’.

        • Hudson, thank you for researching, you understand the importance of facts instead of political correctness. BP agent Brian Terry, 40, was killed by bandits in Nogales, another Port of Entry about 100 miles from here, with an AK47. Agents are shot at from across the border too. 14 agents have been killed in the line of duty since 2006. They are under standing orders to not use lethal force until their lives are threatened—often too late.

          What people don’t understand about the Border Patrol is how many thousands of lives they save each year. The BP is often more of a rescue agency. They pick up illegals in the Sonoran desert and fly them to US hospitals. (See BORSTAR, Border Search, Rescue, and Trauma). The emergency room at our little Copper Queen Hospital here in Bisbee is often flooded with injured illegals, every time I drive by there are BP trucks in the parking lot. When I had to go the emergency room last summer, they were stitching up some illegals in the same room as me, and the BP agent has to stand in the hallway and wait. The hospital had to close down their maternity ward in 2002 because of financial losses—women come from Mexico to have their babies here, called “anchor babies,” which means they were born here and can stay, a controversial subject that has been in the news lately. This hospital also treats many non-residents who come for any kind of medical help—including heart attacks and other serious stuff. We pay for it. The schools on the US side of Naco have many students who walk over the border from Mexico. Teachers I know who work there say it’s impossible to know where the students actually live because their families are so large.

          But any time these issues are attempted to be addressed, groups come forward screaming of racism. I just don’t get what racism has to do with it.

          Yes life is hard in Mexico. They need to do something about it, to make their people want to stay. Check out this picture:

          That’s what they think of us. There were many similar pictures from Tucson last year over new immigration laws. They burn or shit on American flags. They hate us. But they get a lot of support.

          • Thanks ‘D’…..will take some time an immerse myself in this.

            As for Mexico, I made a decision many years ago, not to travel there. My own little boycott. I have regretted this often, but I will not change my mind, until the Mexican government decides to govern, to protect its people and to take care of them -plain and simple. That is what I tell myself. On the other hand part of me wants to end this personal boycott and go there to see for myself. Just that I have this pent up aversion to bullets.

            • Hi Hudson, I have no desire to go there at all. When they started requiring passports last year I stopped going—I had been going for animal meds, which are much cheaper and you don’t need a prescription. My passport is out of date and the last time they gave me a really hard time coming back in. Friends in Naco US side say they are getting really strict going from here to there now, too, searching cars. We have seen cars stripped down to the chassis on both sides.

              Once you’re over the border, there are junk cars in the road and trash all over the place. Stray dogs and cats roam the streets. Everything is in ruins. It’s so depressing. Of course there are nice places in Mexico too, but even in swanky places like Acapulco the cartels are murdering and decapitating tourists and residents. Tourism has dropped 50%. Don’t go there, I like you the way you are, in one piece.

  4. Debrusha, if it were practical I’d be on the plane to Poland with a one-way ticket and resident alien status tomorrow. The republic is down the tube and I think we all know that. It’s up to us to make our own little corners of it good, or at least tolerable. Don’t give up on the we-buy-houses companies, like I said in the e-mail they are probably swamped. They make no money unless they rehab and sell the houses they buy so they have nothing to gain by blowing you off. Now I see New Mex and Los Alamos are getting it. When you do move, and I think that will happen, shoot for a four-season place with rain and snow. As to political correctness, I think in the beginning it was good, but it has gone way too far. Like those schools that have done away with competitive sports in elementary grades because losing is traumatizing for kids. It’s also a part of life. Isn’t education what schools should be all about?

    • Ann the Wise, I have been thinking the same thing—get out if you can. I have been highly motivated to clean up my property. No money for repairs but have been clearing and cleaning. I want to be ready if/when the opportunity presents itself. I never thought I’d want to see snow again but now I think I’d find it refreshing. Finally found a use for these damn hot flashes—they can keep me warm. For now I’ll continue to do what I can for my community of four-leggers—the two chihuahua mixes I’m fostering got fixed today and now we’ll work on their manners. Poor Gracie is still stuck at PetSmart but I get daily reports and won’t let her languish in a cage if she doesn’t get adopted.

      I didn’t know that about school sports. I’m not into sports but somebody has to lose. If they think losing is traumatic to an eight year old, just wait until they hit the real world.

  5. Aahhh…Debra Darlin –

    Yesterday was not a good day for you it seems. I hope you’ve managed to find something good about today – even if it’s only with your animals and/or significant other. I know well how difficult it is to become disillusioned with where we are in our life or with just where we are. We have it within ourselves to find a way to change what we desire to change – finding the best way to do that is just a little harder – but not impossible.

    If only I had a white horse to send to rescue you – don’t give up with changes you would like to make in your life…….You have that power!

    Tears & Laughter ……………

    • Cowboy, actually something good did happen today—it rained. A customer told me today the Monument fire is out, but I can’t validate the accuracy of that. My sources say 92% contained, with complete containment not expected until mid-July.

      It’s good to see the BP back on my road, they’ve been conspicuously absent since the fire started. I hailed one down on horseback this morning and asked if I could snap a pic—I told him we appreciate everything they do. He gave me a big smile and let me take the picture. Hot.

      Not feeling very empowered right now but will keep trying. Thanks darlin’ for your encouragement and support—that in itself is rescue.

  6. What makes me sick...

    Dum Dum says that Freedom of the Press (and that’s what Blogs are) should be upheld at all costs! I know you must be disillusioned, Debra, but we’re all with you. This is just another reason why I called my site What makes me sick. Take care dear.

    • Thank you DD. Though I think that much of social media is a waste of time, thank goodness for blogging. Helps keep me sort of sane. One thing I sure would like to read is more of your rants! Dum Dum is very wise. Thanks for sticking with me.

  7. Whether you look at or listen to Fox news or NBC there are unbelievable inaccuracies and biases evident every single day. This is too bad because most people formulate their opinions by listening to mainstream media. We obviously all cannot be everywhere so we depend on these outlets for the truth. Often the truth is not forthcoming.

    Blogs like yours give information, to those of us who take the time to listen, and we can get to see things from a different perspective. I was not even vaguely aware of the challenges of living along the border until I started reading your blog. And, yes, sometimes the truth is painful.

    I’m not really comfortable giving people advice but someone advised me long ago to not make any major decisions based on the last thing that happened and to let time heal a few wounds before any decision was final. These words have served me well. But that’s just me.

    • Hi Wild Bill, in comments sections of online news articles, many people become abusive. One line I keep seeing is “check your facts, stupid,” stuff like that. How? HOW? Everybody gets the facts they seek, it’s the nature of the Internet and the news in general.

      How would we know what it’s like to live in the deep woods without writers like you? Citizen journalism can be very useful.

      In my heart I know you’re right about major decisions. Like storming off your job because your boss is a jerk and regretting it later when you can’t pay your rent (done that!) I think my situation will be long and drawn out…circumstances prevent me from storming off so time will be granted by default. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe not. I just don’t know. Thanks as always for writing.

  8. Former NewYorker

    One of the biggest problems is that unless you live here, you really don’t understand what happens here. I came here from New York. I had NO IDEA what was going on here until I arrived and started working for the Border Patrol and saw it for myself. If you don’t live here just keep your opinions to yourself! As for “political correctness” I’ve never been one who cares at all about it. If you don’t like what I have to say don’t listen. SO… Don’t let it get to you. Just keep on believing what you know to be true.
    Good Luck!

    • Hi Former NYer, it’s pretty amazing how the accusations fly from people who have never been here. I didn’t know either until I moved here 6 years ago and see the problems worsen each year. Mexico gets worse, and the US becomes more accommodating to illegals, not less. Though specific states have toughened laws, they are impossible to enforce, and as a whole the US is an easy place to be illegal in, and not just from Mexico. This doesn’t help our economy as they do not pay taxes, are often eligible for benefits US citizens are not, and send their money back home. It’s not true that they “take jobs Americans won’t.” Just ask any housecleaner in Arizona, like me. Thanks for writing.

  9. Smile !: )I warned you I had a lot to ‘like’ or make comment(s) .. the later with time allowing ..and
    as you can see I’ve done a lot of catching up! ….. They have already been READ!
    Even sharing some!

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