I Get Mail

I received this comment a few days ago from an RVer from Alberta, Canada who claims he knows what’s going on down here (I mistakenly thought he was from New Brunswick, and that too made him mad. Maybe he doesn’t like people from New Brunswick either.)

Author : Peter Harwerth (IP: , stjhnbsu0nw-142167236024.pppoe-dynamic.High-Speed.nb.bellaliant.net)
E-mail : peterharwerth@yahoo.ca
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Seems like you are areal COWBOY! For your info I have spend every winter since 2005 5 miles from the Mex.Border. So you can safely say i know whats going on down there. I know about the crime and the hate and I know about the stupid AZ-weapon laws and the political campains from law enforcement agencies, just to get more money on the budget for the next year.You guys have a moron as a governor, whois so far stretched out on the right wing that I would not hesitate to call her a NAZI!!!

Do you know that thunderstorms start fires??? It happens in our country all the time. And I am not from New Brunswick, Canada! But an Alberta town got burned to 40% because of a simple lightning! With the dryness in your part of the world it just takes a spark. O, i almost forgot: a simple piece of a broken bottle thrown away 2 years earlier can also start a fire!!! You guys have absolutely no proof that illegals started the fire from the border!!!. But it was very convenient for that Sheriff to throw around his hate!!

Honestly i feel sorry for you guys!

Okay. I’m responding not so much because he’s rude and insulting, but because he’s wrong.

The Monument fire that burned 30,500 acres of one of the most beautiful refuges in the world and left a path of destruction unfinished until monsoon is over (and then for the next century after that) was definitely human-caused. That was officially announced as early as June 17, five days after the fire began. Fire investigators aren’t stupid, fires are their life. They know exactly where the ignition point was, in an area known as “Smugglers’ Gulch” a corridor directly on the border heavily trafficked by illegals and smugglers entering our country in droves. It wasn’t lightning (there was no lightning) and it sure as hell wasn’t a broken bottle. Again, so the facts are straight, the park was closed four days before the fire began and Smugglers’ Gulch is closed to the public at all times.


Just to be sure, I called the Coronado National Forest Supervisor’s office in Tucson and they confirmed it was human-caused, that it’s under investigation, and that’s all the information they are allowed to release. They completely agree that those of us who live on the border are entitled to answers but we may never get further details.

Every cop, border patrol agent, firefighter, park employee and those of us who live on the border who are left with the mess (both physical and economic) from the thousands of illegals who cross into our state every single day—are painfully aware of “what’s going on down here,” but those in law enforcement and politics have a gag order slapped on them.  Since I live here, and this affects me deeply, I ask questions. What they tell you personally is not what the media will print.

I can’t understand why Mr. Harwerth doesn’t drive his RV five minutes further and go stay in Mexico. He seems to hate everything about Arizona except the illegals. The sheriff he’s speaking about, Sheriff Dever, whose territory includes 80 miles of US/Mexico border, was the only person who had the nut to say (and not retract) that it was likely illegals, and I support him. We aren’t racists here. The Arizona border would be a pretty stupid place to live if one was a racist, as the Mexican culture is very strong here. Would racists allow Latino doctors to perform surgery on them? And as far as Jan Brewer being a “Nazi,” that’s a typical hate-filled word people who don’t have all the facts love to throw around, along with “fascist” and “racist.” If Nazis and Fascists had allowed their citizens to be armed there probably wouldn’t have been Nazis and Fascists.

If you don’t get what the problem is, there’s nothing I can say here that will make you understand. Go read.



16 responses to “I Get Mail

  1. the word of me

    Great response D. I hate those who give such negative replies without knowing all the details.

  2. Great Post Darlin –

    My My Peter – you do have some anger issues there don’t you?

    Seems like you are areal COWBOY!

    I guess that statement is referring to me since I don’t recall anyone else named Cowboy posting to your original reply., Thank you for saying so – I am a real cowboy – I was raised on a ranch, spending almost my entire life from the age of 11 on horses. I can ride well, rope, and fix cattle fences, and in my younger days I could even manage some cowboy dancing.

    For your info I have spend every winter since 2005 5 miles from the Mex.Border. So you can safely say i know whats going on down there.

    Well…no – I wouldn’t safely say that at all – It seems you have managed to feel like you’re an expert about the Mexican border. Where is this place that you spend every winter – more importantly – what RV park is it?

    With the dryness in your part of the world it just takes a spark.

    I think that statement would be true in any part of the world – of course, I guess you think a cowboy wouldn’t know that. Ignition source + flammable material = Fire ! I think I learned that in first grade when someone from the rural fire department came to visit our school. Plus – we here in the U.S. have grown up listening to Smokey Bear. I just don’t think Smokey Bear had considered the illegals not knowing about campfire safety.

    You guys have absolutely no proof that illegals started the fire from the border!!!

    And you have absolutely no proof that they didn’t – so what’s your point here?

    Honestly i feel sorry for youguys!

    Oh – thank you, thank you – I’m sure we’ll all feel better that someone from Canada feels sorry for us “guys”.
    I said it before and I’ll say it again to you here – Get a hold of yourself and learn more before you speak. Your age and RV doesn’t give you the knowledge you claim it does. Oh – one more thing – the gun laws in Arizona and several other states with similar gun laws may become more normal than someone would want…like you!

    Last but not least – watch the video at the link below – This man is not a politician, not Border Patrol, just a regular man that wants to protect his life and property from illegal mexicans and their drugs.

    Borderland Video is here

  3. I’m not sure if his ignorance comes from his Canadian roots (which I doubt because I know some pretty smart Canadians), or if it comes from his irretractable political leanings, which are so obscene, they cause idiocy. On top of that, I think blog critics should learn a little bit, just a tiny bit about the language before they write the criticism – he’s not even at the level of a 6-year-old in language comprehension. One last thing, this guy wouldn’t know a Nazi if he was swimming in his RV potty.

    I should restrain myself better…Back to my regular life…

  4. You know the problem is that people automatically think saying “illegals are responsible” equates to “I hate all Mexicans.”

    People with racist hearts automatically equate anyone using the term “illegal” because they, too, are racist. If someone enters this country without prior permission, even if they just come on vacation but never leave, they are ILLEGAL. Doesn’t matter where they are from, so, if you decide you like to stay in your RV park forever and never return to Canada when your vacation is done, you, too, would be illegal.

    As for knowing a place because you vacation there in winters, in an RV park, does not mean you understand the full-time cultural, political, or economical issues surrounding that area. I vacationed many years in Seattle before finally moving there permanently. I thought I knew all there was to know because I spent two, three months a year in the area. BIG difference to actually living there full-time. I learned much more than where the grocery store was, restaurants, library, etc. I learned about the actual culture of Seattle and its surrounding areas. Now, Seattle does not have issues like border states do, so I would never proclaim to understand those issues, but I am saying that you have to live in a place at least two years before fully understanding all the issues affecting it.

    As for the Nazi comment — my parents were immigrants, legal immigrants, who worked hard to become citizens and raise their family. They fled Nazi Germany, so by flinging that word around so casually in a fit of anger shows just how little you understand. As a German-American I find it extremely offensive to hear that word constantly used because people disagree with another person’s opinion. Instead of rationally attempting to explain and discuss your viewpoint you fling out a concept you have absolutely no comprehension of in an attempt to make the other person look idiotic. Instead you made yourself look ignorant.

    And in case you decide to fling words at someone like me, who disagrees with what you said as well as how you said it, I will also say that I am a liberal, extreme liberal in many people’s opinion, yet I never find Debra’s posts racist or offensive in anyway. She attempts to show the truth of what is happening in her part of the world in a fair way. We have managed to connect because we are both rational adults who respect differing opinions. I appreciate her viewpoint, her explaining what is happening, in order for me to form a more rounded understanding of issues.

    Instead of falling into rhetoric and mudslinging which continues to divide people, perhaps you should try what we do, listen and discuss, instead of judging and keeping your mind closed because you believe you, and only you, are right and all those that disagree should be insulted, disrespected and called names. It works in more than just the political arena to figure things out.

    Luckily I’ve met other Canadians, even vacationed there, otherwise I would only have you to form an opinion about them.

  5. Like Indigo, I too am a liberal. From my vantage point, I’m more interested in making sure the people harmed in the fire were given what they need to rebuild their lives (should I google a list of what NOT to say to people who’ve been partly or fully burnt out?), that there is adequate water in that ecosystem, and that the climatologists do now believe that thinning growth to prevent these calamitous fires is ecologically sound. The fire was probably caused by an individual(s), and that/those individuals were probably hiding there because their presence in the US was illegal. The fire was probably an accident, making it more difficult to investigate (most arsonists use accelerants, and make investigations easier – when you can determine the fire’s epicenter within a square yard, the investigation’s easier than narrowing it down to a few square miles).

    Also like Indigo, my parent’s families were decimated many times by Nazis. I seldom can see or hear that word used against anyone else without cringing. If you do something bad, or something someone just doesn’t like, that does not make you a Nazi. We lack proportional sense these days.

    Debra lives on and owns a parcel of land through which people illegally in this country travel. How can you not have a sense of anxiety, terror and anger when that happens? You cannot know the motivation of even the majority of people using that route – nor their desperation. AZ’s governor did one courageous thing – something that irritated her party and although anyone with sense would applaud it, had a major negative impact on Debra’s life: She passed a law requiring EMPLOYERS to take all responsibility to not hire people ineligible to work, and to use various databases to ensure that they only hire people legally here. The AZ chamber of commerce is still appealing it, it has already passed the first federal judge. Now, back to reality: since so many illegal residents of AZ are unable to get employment from AZ’s employers, they must look for work opportunities as self-employed persons. Hence, they are competing with Debra, and doing it sloppily, and at uncompetitive pricing. The chamber of commerce folk, who are fighting this, do so with no concern for people in Debra’s situation. They fight simply because the large businesses they represent, lobby for, and insulate, want to keep their costs down by hiring people without any rights.

  6. I’m going to comment on a strictly superficial level.
    Typos = awesome
    Misspellings = awesome
    Punctuation errors = awesome
    Excessive use of exclamation points = awesome
    It’s almost like this is a joke. A caricature. Oh, but it’s real. Why do the fools always give themselves away so easily?

  7. The question that nobody ever seems to ask is….who hires the illegals? Why doesn’t anyone point to them as perpetuating the problem?

    • The question of who hires the illegals is asked repeatedly every day by many different people and groups of people. There is even a website database that attempts to keep track of the companies that do here them. Unfortunately, all these private companies and/or individuals that discover who’s hiring illegals is notify I.C.E about the companies which will follow up and do a raid on those companies as funds permit. Check out the I.C.E. website at ( http://www.ice.gov/ ) to see what they’re doing to help control the situation.

      Next – ‘Google’ the phrase of; (employers who hire illegals) – have a look at most any of the 7 million websites it brings up.
      I don’t really know anyone that hires illegals, but I and many others would be glad to let I.C.E. know about a company that did.

      Do these employers perpetuate the problem of illegals entering the U.S. – I don’t really think so – their greed sometimes gets the best of them when they think they can get away with hiring illegals for less money and not need to pay taxes. These business owners are sooner or later shut down, one way or the other.

      I really don’t believe any one person or company here in the U.S. is responsible for perpetuating the increased influx of illegals – rather it’s the lack of Mexican laws that often protect the drug cartels and not the citizens.

      • Look up “Sun Drywall” in Sierra Vista, AZ, they were recently busted. I personally know about 20 guys right now looking for work and some are about to lose their homes. Also Tyson Foods is known to hire illegals. When they tell you Americans won’t do the jobs, that’s bullshit.

        For example, some people in my town hire illegal housecleaners. They’re so naive they think they’re helping—then they bitch how lousy business is in their shops. Duh. If people like me can’t find work and can’t pay our taxes, then we can’t contribute to the community. The illegals send billions of dollars back to their home countries—they don’t spend it here. This is one more huge drain on our pathetic economy.

      • My apologies for this silly question on my part, but who really funds protecting your southern border. I tried looking it up, but truthfully I could not figure it out. Funding and responsibility for ‘securing’ I guess are two completely different things. Is there not just one agency for all the states that lay on the Mexican border or all borders (north and south). My assumption was that funding and security was Federal.

        • Hudson,
          Well….your assumption is correct. Responsibility for funding of more fencing, new equipment, repairs, etc… lies with the Dept. of Homeland Security. Some of the problems in obtaining federal money has to do with a few idiots in Congress that would oppose additional money for the border problems – when that money could also be used in other aspects of Homeland Security.
          So….Arizona is setting out to raise its own money specifically for the border fencing. There are times that states go above and beyond the federal government, taking things into their own hands.

  8. Now this a discussion!

    Though I don’t think I will waste a vowel or syllable on the individual who stoops that low to send someone such a hateful email.

  9. I hadn’t heard about Sun Drywall, but I see they handed out some fairly stiff sentences including the sentence for the office manager. Carol Hill got two months in prison and 12 months of house arrest to be followed by 36 months of supervised release, plus a $10,000 fine and completion of 500 hours of community service. I wonder how she feels about hiring the illegals now.

    Yep – Tyson is one of those big companies who can always seem to skirt the law when it comes to the illegals. I.C.E has been trying to get to them for the last several years – but in 2009 , Tyson foods and a couple managers were acquitted of charges that they hired illegals from Mexico and Central America as part of a nationwide conspiracy to boost production and profits..

    One day Tyson professionals will blow it all and I.C.E. will get ’em. I hardly eat any chicken but I quit buying any Tyson product simply because they an arrogant group that has taken advantage of people in many ways.

    That is exactly what they do – come to the U.S. – make some quick money over a few short months – then take it all right back to Mexico – then hope to do it all over again the next year. Watching the illegals come across the border at San Diego – then watching hordes of people jump out of a vehicle when CHP pulled them over. So pathetic that it’s almost comical to watch.

  10. To quote a late relative of mine, “Don’t waste time arguing with a telephone pole.”

  11. WHY do you NOT have a like button or a SHARE button(s)…I don’t have to read all that is written back from you to him to know that HE is misinformed!

  12. I always have sharing buttons checked but not always like buttons, but even when I do, they don’t always show up so I don’t know the answer to that! Yes he sure is misinformed, thanks for writing. Only believing what you want to believe despite the truth is a disease.

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