My name is Debra Argosy and I live in Bisbee, Arizona, a couple miles from the border. My neighborhood is not to be confused with Old Bisbee, eight miles from here and a world apart.

I’m from the east coast but moved out here in 2006 in search of a better life.  It’s not exactly better here, just different. I’m an editor, proofreader, artist, and clean houses and do odd jobs as well to survive (see Painfully Employed). My passion for animals is fierce (see My Pack and Philosophy).

I have a lot of thoughts on various subjects, mostly dealing with my work and the weirdness of daily life—with pictures. I hope to reach out and connect, especially if you’re a mutt, odd duck, underachiever, autodidact, obsessive-compulsive, a person who cries too much, or thinks you’re no good. Write me. You’re the best.

All artwork on this blog is copyrighted by Debra Argosy. I don’t mind if you use something, just please ask first. Thanks.

Dictionary illustrations by Debra Argosy are copyrighted by Oxford University Press.

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  1. Check out my C.V. under religious. We have concord.

  2. Envying you Arizona and all your animals, Debra! A colleague posted me the link to your blog 🙂

  3. Dear Debra, thanks for passing by. I am happy we left you a positive impression. We are always happy when “meeting” people sharing similar ideas – especially when being in minority 😉


  4. Thank you for the glimpse into your world. It is, indeed, lovely. I enjoy your posts and look forward to reading more!

  5. I think it’s fascinating that you say you’re an atheist since adolescence but it’s not a choice. Could you elaborate? I’m new to your blog and haven’t read many articles so if there’s one you could point me to that discusses this, I’d love to read it.

    I’m a non-believer but I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to declare definitively that there is no God. If He exists, He hasn’t done a damn thing for me or anyone else I know. 😉

    P.S. I wound up here because of your article on American pride or lack thereof. Very interesting.

  6. I don’t write much about atheism because to me, it’s like eye color or foot size. There was never any great showdown, you know? I think belief is something we have or don’t have.

    In the past few years I see atheists breaking into two camps—the ones like me, who do not believe in any gods, and the others who claim to be atheists but want me to accept the weight of other religions because of their race. This simply amazes me.

    Christian-bashing has become something of a national sport (it’s part of America bashing). Because of this, I feel more protective of my country and all of a sudden the church down at the corner doesn’t seem so bad.

  7. Debra: I wish you and your family a Happy New Year! — Jack

  8. Thanks very much for taking the time to read and comment over on my blog. And I’m really glad you did, because that lead me to your blog which I find very interesting at first glance. Definitely going to subscribe and find out more…

  9. Hi Debra!

    I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I came by to see who you are and I LOVE everything I see. You and I could be the same person – you’re just better looking.

    I too am a card carrying atheist from a very early age. And I’m also a self-professed, “… mutt, odd duck, underachiever, stray waif, [and] practitioner of autodidactism, …” even if I’m not obsessive-compulsive, [too] damaged, or a person who cries too much. Personally I think I cry just enough. 🙂

    I see that my good friend Papa Joe just commented before me and said he’d mention your blog to me. He’ll be surprised to find we’ve already met. And I’m so glad we have.

    I’m looking very forward to getting to know you Debra. Thank you so much for introducing yourself.

    – Bob (Quidmont) Johnston

  10. Welcome—looking forward to sparkling exchanges and brilliant discoveries!

  11. Hi Debra
    I linked to you via Quidmont. Like your attitude. I am pleased to connect with new bloggers and share great thoughts. I will definitely see you around.

  12. Thanks Barb, nice to meet you.

  13. Hi Debra…found you from Papa Joe’s blog…you gave good advice 🙂 I like people that call it like they see it!! I will be back…

  14. Hi Princess, thank you and nice to meet you!

  15. Hey Debra – wow, I just love your blog! I too have a ferocious love for animals and make my life with them. After years and tedious years of sitting in offices trying to fit in (did I mention that I am the quintessential square peg?) I started my own pet-sitting business and have done this 25 years. I’m 77, an avid inline skater, snowshoer and gym rat, given to low-rise jeans, tank tops and a raspberry mohawk haircut. You are one of the few pretty people I don’t hate on sight. I subscribed to the blog and look forward to making it part of my day for a long time!

  16. Hi Ann, nice to meet you! I did a quick search and found a pic of you on your skates, wow, you put young girls to shame. I used to skate back east, but it’s impossible here, too much dirt and sand.

    I plan on working at my various jobs until at least 90, maybe more. Please come back and tell me more about your amazing life, and where I can see more pics!

  17. Debra – Great blog you having going here. I’ll be visiting often.
    Take care.

  18. You truly sound like the Deborah i have known. I suppose i am most astonished by the change in spelling of your first name – the spelling “deborah” was not a vanity to you, it was a comment about your individuality and unwillingness to compromise on matters of import. I mourn its loss, if i should, and celebrate its metamorphosis if that is more appropriate.
    I think you are the Deborah i have known; the artwork style and passion for animals (cats esp) were always emblematic of you. I am still comfortable in my agnosticism (current definition), i fear atheism as much as i fear (well, not really,but it makes a cool quote) any belief that proslytizes.
    I think you wrote me, many moons ago, it seemed somewhat cryptic, and i was undergoing one of my many problematic periods. Do i recognize the jacket in your painting “old friend”?
    My love always, joel

  19. Hey,
    Your blog is truly awesome and your InMon posts have nearly made me cry several times (which yes, that’s a big deal, I’m not a crier), so I wanted you to have this. =)

  20. I’m just smiling – I’m one of those “people of faith”, although I sort of slipped some of the usual categories along the way and don’t mind hanging around with atheists one bit.

    On the other hand, I practice autodidacticism regularly, gave up life in the corporate world to make my living varnishing boats and I can get a little obsessive about my writing, so it all balances out.

    Found you through Jack at Sage to Meadow. Now I’m off to read your latest about the fire. All the best.

    • Shoreacres, sorry to be so long in responding. Your life of varnishing boats sounds an intriguing one, and teaching ourselves is the only way to learn! Obsessive people are the ones who get things done. I guess I’m a little obsessive about any work or project that interests me, and I think that’s OK.
      Thanks for writing!

  21. We are visiting Arizona this August. Thanks for an informative blog.

    • Hi Joan, are you an RVer? I don’t know much about the northern part of the state, but I’m way too familiar with life on the border. Hope you enjoy your visit and thanks for not boycotting us (that’s just stupid)! We do, after all, have the best sunsets in the world! Thanks for writing.

  22. Admire your writing and your honesty. Good for you. I can see why you’ve so many followers, and got Freshly Pressed. Congrats! 🙂

  23. Thank you hugmamma. With honesty also comes attacks from trolls, flamers, and furious assholes without a clue how to interact with others. We have to choose our battles carefully.

  24. Hi Debra: I’ve just had what I feel is my first openly hostile response to my current blog; I now know a little what you went through. I allowed the comment but maybe I shouldn’t have. a bit late now.

  25. I just stumbled across your blog via a Google hit about some topic or other, but I kept reading because it is passionate, thoughtful… oh, I don’t know. I’m glad I did because I have been once to Bisbee… I thought it was a lovely artsy town, and didn’t realize that it has this darker side that is obviously so painful. My grandparents met in Bisbee, and I have been harboring a sort of desire to visit again someday, but it’s kind of off the beaten track, so I’m not sure how I’d manage that. Anyway, thank you for all your thoughtful words & images.

  26. Hi Elizabeth, thank you. I went to your website to see your creations but the links were down. I’ll check back.

    It’s a unique town but over the years my views have changed dramatically. I live about 8 miles south, more near Naco on the border but still within town limits. It’s a whole different world down here and now I see that Old Bisbee is an insulated cocoon whose residents have a mindset very different from mine. I do not fit in but am trapped here by the economy. Someday I will leave and go back, somewhere, to my beloved woodlands.

    Thanks for writing.

  27. Why does it bother me?

    Debra sorry to be a weirdo and leave this comment here, but I just watched the first of the new Sherlock’s. Oh my goodness it is TOO good. Also you are right about the Hound of The Baskervilles being one of the episodes. That will be episode 2. To ease your concern at the mistreatment of that poor dog, the producers got Benedict Cumberbatch to take his top off. True story. I am STILL swooning. It is on the BBC iPlayer now. IP cloaker at the ready! 😉

  28. Hi Debra,

    Wow. Reading your “About” profile made me wonder if we were separated at birth – so many similarities! I can’t wait to start reading your blog, but it looks like the date of your last entry was May 28, and now I’m worried – hoping you made it through the murderous-hillbilly siege ok?

    Best, Jen Tait

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for your concern! I haven’t seen quad one since the restraining order, so here’s a case where the law actually worked. The quads must have been illegal, not registered, or whatever, or else they’d still be screaming up and down my street.

      I couldn’t find a blog under your name, do you have one? Where do you live? Thanks for writing, I appreciate it.


  29. Hi Debra.
    I lost my Livvy on April 14th. She was an Italian Greyhound. She was 13 years old. Before that, I lost my chi, she was 15 years old. I had both sweethearts since they were tiny. I have a beagle who is 11 years. He is a rescue. I also have a mini doxie 2 years. She is a rescue. I advocate in the state of North Carolina for animal shelter abuse. I love my dogs more than life itself. They are my complete family. My home is my temple – very private for me and my dogs.

    • Hi Livvy, I feel the same, they are my true family, since I never had a human one. I am hostile to dog breeders because they add to the problem of overrun shelters, abuse, puppy mills, and catering to ignorant people’s need for “designer dogs.”

  30. We have too many dogs and it is getting worse. They are taking them out of southern shelters and transporting north abandoning them on bridges, parking lots and reselling them without medical care

  31. Well, damn. What I’ve read of you so far makes me think you’re a long lost sister. So, I’m following you. But not stalking.

    • Ha ha, awesome! (oops, please excuse the overused ‘awesome’ with exclamation point) I just found your blog today and nothing delights me more than a well-crafted essay. So stalk already!

  32. Hi Debra,
    I stumbled across your website while looking for information on Border Patrol crossing from California into Arizona. I am also an animal lover and spay/neuter activist and I am moving to Arizona. I am concerned about having trouble with Border Control when I cross with my animals. I have not found any info yet and would appreciate any knowledge you may have. Nice to meet you.

    • Dear Kandy,
      Please don’t worry about it! They couldn’t care less about your animals. Just have your ID ready, documents for your U-Haul or whatever. We pass through border patrols all the time. We came across country in both a car and a U-Haul towing a truck, with five dogs and numerous cats in carriers.

      And welcome to AZ, we really need folks like you. It’s a real battle to get people to spay/neuter here—even when you offer it for free. Good luck, and if you’re inclined, e-mail me with questions or to let me know where you’re headed here.

  33. I found you! Been searching for years for 💕Deborah Argosy from AZ who sent me a beautiful blue painting. I do hope you see this note.

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