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Hand-painted Furniture by Debra Argosy

I went through an obsession with painted furniture, boxes, candlesticks, trinkets, clay pieces—whatever struck me as being paintable. I love the entire process—from scavenging some sad old piece of furniture and shoring it up, then making it smooth and applying the paint in unusual ways. Each piece takes quite a bit of time and I never found the right market for them. Here are some samples. These pieces are for sale–prices on request but make an offer…it’s more important to me that my children go to good homes than it is to hold out for a higher price.

small table with faux marble finish
closeup view
end table with drawer, faux marble finish
closeup view
green and beige crackle-finish coffee table
crackle table closeup
small black and white marble faux finish table
custom-painted vanity by Debra
closeup of painted vanity