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The Week in My World 9/4/10

Not a bad week, can’t complain (but I still do). I have dictionary work and housecleaning. Life is good. I savor the glow of having work, and never take it for granted because it can and does all change in an instant.

It’s still summer here for another month or so, which is a glorious thing about Arizona, long springs, long summers, long autumns…short winters.


Empty cactus wren nest in a cholla (pronounced choy-a) near my house



Giant caterpillar. Or something.



Locust on a pail in yard



Two beetles gettin' busy



Cute grasshopper bug...an insectivorous bird can do well here



Mesquite tree pods



View overlooking a swath of Tombstone Canyon, Bisbee



A friend's fence, Old Bisbee


That Wraps Up the Nests

Hummingbird nest with two eggs in mulberry tree

Baby season is over for the local birds. I have a big window in my office so I feel privileged to be able to observe the mating, nest building, egg laying, and nursery care for several species. Two sets of swallows have fledged from the porch light, and two sets of hummingbirds from the mulberry trees in the yard. It’s a team effort between the mother and father—I like to think I’m in on it but I’m sure they’re helping me more than I’m helping them.

The hummingbirds build their nest on the flimsiest of branches during the height of monsoon storms—it never looks like they’re going to make it. We call the babies “riders on the storm” and they do get tossed around. But the parents choose their site with a purpose, the bigger birds would have a hard time landing in there on a tiny branch. I went out there and threw pebbles at a pair of cactus wrens a couple times. Cactus wrens are common in the desert but this is the first time I’ve ever seen them in the yard—I was all excited until I realized they were harassing the hummer nest and the little mother was going at them with all she had. Such is nature. All’s well with the hummer babies,  but there were a few fatalities with the second swallow brood. I hate the death part, but only the strong are going to survive and carry on.

Baby hummingbirds just hatched

Baby hummingbirds one week old

Getting bigger

Growing up fast

Ready to fledge!