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The Week in My World 9/4/10

Not a bad week, can’t complain (but I still do). I have dictionary work and housecleaning. Life is good. I savor the glow of having work, and never take it for granted because it can and does all change in an instant.

It’s still summer here for another month or so, which is a glorious thing about Arizona, long springs, long summers, long autumns…short winters.


Empty cactus wren nest in a cholla (pronounced choy-a) near my house



Giant caterpillar. Or something.



Locust on a pail in yard



Two beetles gettin' busy



Cute grasshopper bug...an insectivorous bird can do well here



Mesquite tree pods



View overlooking a swath of Tombstone Canyon, Bisbee



A friend's fence, Old Bisbee