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Girls with Guns

I joined a women’s gun club called Shooting Stars of Cochise County, run by champion shooter and local hot ticket Debbie Albright. She started the club seven years ago when she moved here and saw the need. This is her love, and she offers all levels of classes for women, and often helps women work their way up the ranks to expert. Part drill sergeant, part professor, part showgirl, I think she’s just cool as hell.

I’ve been married to a couple of men with guns, so I’ve been shooting off and on for years. But I wanted to take some classes to learn all I can, and if I have acquired any bad habits I want to correct them. The course covers many aspects of gun ownership, self-defense, laws, and even competition if you want, but you have to stick with it and be willing to learn.

The class yesterday had 20 ladies of all colors, shapes, and ages—some who had never shot a gun before and were scared. One common belief I noticed from talking to the women is that they don’t want to be victims, and the other is that living out here and not knowing how to handle a gun is just plain stupid.

The course eases new shooters in slowly with no pressure. The volunteer coaches are all Shooting Star members, with about one coach for every three ladies, so nobody lacks for attention. It was great to see the BIG smiles on girls hitting targets for the first time. I keep hearing from various people involved with firearms that many women are naturally good shooters—I think that’s true. Maybe we try harder. Nothing like bonding over guns, girls. You never felt empowerment like this, trust me.

Young girls learning on .22 rifles

Volunteer coaches give individual attention to each girl

Debbie, the heart and soul of Shooting Stars (she also works at the local gun shop). She’s holding a little pink Crickett .22 rifle that a father was picking up for his six-year-old daughter! Check out the Glock 9 mm on Deb’s hip, with pink grip. What can I say? When you’re a champion shooter like she is, you can wear any damn grip color you want.