The Week in My World 8-27-10

The 2010 monsoon season will be tapering off soon, though no one wants to see it end. The storms have been occurring almost daily, replenishing water tables and turning the high desert into a lush, green, nurturing world. We have been fortunate.


Daily thunderstorms with heavy rain



Rain and rainbow, backyard



Magical sunset after storm



Arizona the drama queen



The dogs love a nice salad



The yard after finally being mown



Full moon rising after stormy day



Second brood of swallow babies on porch light



Hummingbird in her nest at house in Bisbee



View from house where I worked today overlooking Tombstone Canyon



A length of ocotillo fence along Tombstone Canyon this afternoon



A living ocotillo fence is a wonder to behold, especially after the rains


8 responses to “The Week in My World 8-27-10

  1. These are spectacular pictures! I especially love the living ocotillo fence, beautiful shot, simple and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks M, and remember, never leave home without your trusty digital camera—how did we live without them? Remember PhotoHuts?

  3. I am finally able to get some time and space to read your work and look at your photographs. I do like the sunsets and Arizona as a drama queen. That’s a rare photograph of rain in Arizona! The ocotillo fence is really nifty.

  4. I can’t figure out if the ocotillo fences are supposed to green up because they’re planted in the ground—I would think they’d be a lot greener by now if they are indeed living. Rolls of them are also used here to provide shade over patios, etc. They’re pretty dang cool, I think, alive or otherwise.

  5. Ocotillo will make a living fence IF when cut they are planted in the ground however like any tree propagation by stem they take some care. The ocotillo leaf out anytime they get a good drink, maybe 3-4 times a year, so if they have not leafed out during the monsoon they are dead. In your picture of the fence there are a few that are living and a lot that are not.

  6. I love the shots. Your natural world shots, the dogs, and the wotsit dead-or-alive fence. Brings it home how foreign some places can be …

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