The Week in My World 10/24/10

The beautiful fall weather brings illegals across in hordes, accompanied by the constant drone of border patrol helicopters over my neighborhood, back and forth, up and down. Every day we read of kidnappings and gruesome murders such as  beheadings right over the border near here. Anarchy. The Mexican president blames us, because we buy drugs in America.

The white women dressed in black holding signs condemning racism are out in force in Old Bisbee. They stand in groups on streetcorners in the safe haven of Old Bisbee without a clue among them.

I was raised to be patriotic, which people make fun of now. But I’d like to know how concern for one’s country translates to “having hatred in my soul.” If anyone knows, please tell me.

Driving home from work the other day, around 6 pm, had to pull over and snap this sunset. It's reflected also onto the roof of my car. Stupid Arizona sunsets!

Signs around Old Bisbee. If you don't agree with them, you're a racist. "Racist" is my most hated word of the year, aggressively promoted by the culture police.

Here's a bumper sticker you see around town here. I do not think we live in the same world.

The Hillary car

And now for something entirely sweet, this outdoor cat is being cared for by a customer. Look at this adorable set up---he's got steady chow and the command of his own quirky front porch.

Here he is in his cozy bed.

Car of the week: 1951 Hillman Commer, brought to you by our good friend Hogan.

I think this is a beavertail cactus, Opuntia basilaris, a type of prickly pear

A house on Tombstone Canyon in Old Bisbee

Josephine, an eccentric old lady seen around town. If we see her hitchhiking we always give her a ride.

Here' s a portrait of Josephine's wonderful old face. She posed for me, and I gave her some money.

5 responses to “The Week in My World 10/24/10

  1. I love the pictures you post. That sky – wow. I really would like to travel to AZ at some point, and it’s pictures like that that continue to spur my interest. I love taking pictures of things in nature (I’m not very good at it, but it’s still fun). I took a few that I’m actually proud of when I was living in Illinois. Maybe I’ll post them this week. Thanks for sharing the beauty and the life around you!

  2. Hi Evie, thank you. You should come here. When we traveled here to check it out as a possible relocation, we were immediately hooked. I couldn’t go back to snow now!

  3. If you believe in keeping your country safe from illegal invasion, you will be labeled a racist. If you speak out about the burden the US taxpayers face because our education, health care, legal and welfare systems are over-extended by illegal immigrants, you are deemed a racist. If you disagree with someone who has a different skin tone than yourself, you will be deemed a racist.

  4. They respect the human right to enter someone’s country illegally and work illegally, but not the human right to enforce the law or protect one’s territory and culture.

    At my last apartment this dude was sleeping on the couch for like a month (stupid roommate let him in without my approval) and one day, I don’t know how exactly, he said it was racist to suggest that black people had darker skin because they evolved closer to the equator. I said, well, that’s fairly scientific and not at all demeaning to blacks, and my totally anti-racist other roommate, a Mexican, agreed with me and said, “that’s not racist, that’s science.” Then we got into a debate for a while and the little slug made clear that the barest mention of race, skin color, anything was racist.

    A few weeks later he said he was glad that OJ got off scotfree, because he was a good athlete.

    Those are very nice pictures, I must say. There’s a lot of beauty in the world—naturally beauty, human beauty. Nothing stupid about having to stop for a sunset like that. Where I am at the moment, central Spain, the fluctuating terrain and the buildings make it difficult to get a good view of the sunset.

  5. I think OJ opened more than a few eyes in America, and changed some minds. But then people forget.

    The R word holds way too much power, it’s just a word. An awful, upsetting, inflammatory word though. We should start a campaign to weaken the R word by frivolous overuse.

    Sense 1 of ‘racism’ in New Oxford American Dictionary is: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” Sense 2 is the negative sense. So, to be accurate, we shouldn’t say anything nice either, that’s also racism.

    The last edition of NOAD in 2005 has no entry for “racist” (well, just as a derivative of racism). The brand new edition, 2010, has a separate entry: “having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.”

    Dictionary entries are all about usage. Let’s hope the next edition says “offensive term of the early 2000s now considered ineffectual and obsolete…”

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